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  1. Hello there devs (hopefully) and other people reading! On the last anniversary stream you said (Nico and others) you're trying to make game more alt friendly so I went on about looking for items that should of been made account bound ages ago but are still not so here's my list of items that should be made account bound (but not like 1g each for mail): Element of Hongmoon Hongmoon Jewel Element Jewel Jewel Powder Element Powder Dragon Certificates (both small and normal) Windrest Seeds (maybe) Those items are mostly what I think should be made account bound due to alt leveling and so on, since feeding accessories and weapons on silverfrost level (siren and above for accessories) is more costly than feeding elements/jewels. Also let's say I have 3 stacks of each on my main and some spare elements/jewels because I crafted a lot due to leveling weapon on my main character first and made bout 50 too much. Now I don't want all those soulstones to go to waste and my alt is "hungry" for those why shouldn't I be able to send those over and just delete them or keep them in inventory and pray to <insert object/god/whatever here> for them to ever get account bound. (Just my 50 cents) I'm prety sure at this point some of lower tier purple weapons and accessories could be account bound but since we're getting reworked weapons & accessories system I'll leave this one on hold unless somebody can provide me with google sheets link to how it is on KR/JP/TW Some items could be a little cheaper to mail, I mean it's still better than farming but some items cost a little bit too much for some people that have too many alts and never really main any character. (Just my 50 cents on that) I would appriciate that people reply to post and say which other items need or should be made account bound and so we can hope NCSoft is gonna make them or atleast consider making them. Thank you for taking your time and reading this. Yours, Jannie Bloodmane of Wild Springs
  2. It appears Sparring window has made its way into F8 Dungeon Lobby party invite
  3. Moonstone for nccoin?

    Please do not talk about concept of Pay to Win if you have no idea what it means to "Pay to Win". Pay to Win means YOU (as a guy who bought item from in-game cash shop) gain power over non-paying player with weapon/accesso he as a non-paying player is unable to achieve. If it was like that then game would be Pay to Win. off-topic about upgrades and so on: I myself think game is still a mess in current stage for West as it was not revised a tiny bit when it comes to gear upgrade, they think we are one of those asians who keep playing game 24/7. So if you want more than one character with good gear you are litterary gonna need to say good bye to your social life. It would be cool if they cut moonstone upgrade cost atleast for all tiers till you reach Awakened Breeze, meanwhile accessories are okayish as they don't require killer ammounts like weapon past Breeze. Also it gets boring playing only one char and struggling to get your other chars geared up and living in fear of needing more AP for future dungeons on your main char that requires insane ammounts of resources you could feed into other chars.
  4. Enemy reheals himself for no reason

    This happens if you shackle enemy that wants to approach you and if it's outside range it will automaticly just de-aggro you and go back to state before being attacked. Happened to me many times but i found out what caused it still grinds my gears today sometimes
  5. Marketplace bug

    It shows in video that marketplace is bugged when attempting to buy item the buy just keeps going down (My clanmate also has same issue). And also weapon catergories for WL and SF weapons are missing if you still haven't noticed :D
  6. Hello there ExeQ! I had same issue and I resolved it this way: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/812759 I personaly used Method 2 but I did some other things, I didn't "Disable All", I only disable non-Microsoft Services. After that I restarted computer to apply changes and it worked. But I think if it's same in your case (that you don't have Amdfix.sys) I think a simple restart would just do it. If you keep getting error after trying all Methods from Microsoft I suggest contacting support at NCSoft. Hope this solves it and enjoy your day!