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  1. No point even doing 1v1 arena. A lot of people are using this CD hack so smart. Playing WL atm. Played almost all classes so know cooldowns. Record all my fights so if something looks fishy. I watch it back. So many people get out of everything so quick. Before you even have time to burst. When forcing them to use escape. A lot of summoners are spamming heals without Cooldown too. Even seen a destro use his shield heal a few times to get back max health. This games PVP will be done if nothing is done about it.
  2. Well it would work. Because this fail company does shit. Same as they did with Aion. Aslong as they are getting money. They don't care about ingame state.
  3. Just did another game. Destro grappled me. let it run out (so i couldnt counter it apart from using escape) And then picked me back up over and over unitl i used my escape so he could fury me....
  4. As many of you know. A lot of the top rating players last season was using Cooldown hacks. This season I've seen so many people abusing it. I am constantly being done in by this *cricket*ing bullshit. Summoners are constantly spamming the white shield resist thingy. And spamming stealth with the big burst skill. Not many matches ago. I faced a Blade dancer who "Five Point Strike"d me 3 times within 20 seconds. I'm constantly in aircombo. Not including other aircombos he can do. So I'm just wondering is anyone else seeing these Cooldown hackers all over arena?
  5. A lot of people use them wisely. So everything looks normal. I record all my matches now in 1v1 this season. Since I've seen more than a few people using CD hacks.
  6. WL feels like a joke vs some classes currently. My highest rating was 2067 in 1v1. Finished 6th WL. We have no messures to counter many situations. All we can rely on is our burst. When thats done or they resist it we have to play super defensive until next burst rotation. vs summoners you burst them down and then you have A ton of CD's to finish them off. And by time they are off CD the summoner has healed most the damage done to him. Force Masters. We burst them down. They either spawn their blue bubble shield to heal from our pet. (if you're in a bad location t
  7. So 2 in 5 matches I face of some classes (e.g KFM/Destro). I find a script user. It's so easy to tell they are using them macros. You just move out of their stunlock and watch their script carrying on (like for example. 3RFx3r - V f3rf) combo will still be going off (example) the players Shin kick macro key triggers as the script is still running the combo so he uses "Sweep kick" miles away from you. Anyone else seeing huge increase of people using macros? E.G - "MacroGamer" Software can be done for a full 100-0% combo all you need to do is get off that lucky Triple kick
  8. Anyone done any arena yet? Done around 100 matches so far and I feel like the class doesn't have many strong points apart from Dragoncall insant cast. FM outburst you so hard and have more mobility and heals. I think Warlock is lacking heals to stay alive atleast or more freedom to move around (increased movement speed skills) I'm currently 40 btw. Thanks!
  9. I'm clearing use MACRO's on a. Stun X 3 X. Stun X 3 X xD
  10. What stand still unaware that your script has finished? :')
  11. Did you even watch the video? If someone that fast can pull of a combo like that. Why is he stood still at every combo like his script ran out? I've used "MacroGamer" weeks ago. And it did the same thing after a macro. Made me stand still for 0.5-1second afterwards :') you macro noobies
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