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  1. Game guard wont let you run desktop capture software while it's active lol
  2. Lyn character creation thought process

    "OH HEY EVERYONE! LOOK AT ME! I HATE LYN!" can I hang out with the cool kids now?
  3. Sending\Trading Gold to Alt - is it Safe ?

    I find it ironic that a post claiming mis-information is giving mis-information. I have spent weeks going back and forth with NC customer service by Ticket and Email trying to solve the issue about not being able to send mail to alts as is stated on their own website. https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207420056-Why-Can-t-I-Send-Mail-To-Other-Players- Every time I have eventually received an answer that "there is no workaround" and they are "working on it" ~too bad so sad. I would be more than happy to post my ticket/email chains but it seems that Mods frown on it so I wont risk my posting privileges at this point. The ONLY time I have experienced someone legitimately having this fixed is when they HAVE spent real money and are not able to mail. This "bug" has turned out to be incredibly profitable for NC so I don't see a real fix coming any time soon.
  4. Conical hat how?

    According to BnS-fashion site it drops off of Junghado - Musin Tower 7th Floor. It is called "Swordsman's Hat"
  5. Gambling in NCSoft products

    Reporting them wont work. There is currently a loophole in the gambling laws that allow these gaming companies to run rampant. Unfortunately, Govt is much slower than technology. That loophole is the "token" or in our case the "NCoin". If we were purchasing the ACTUAL boxes with Real Money, then yes, these companies would be held to the same gaming and lottery laws that currently exist, but instead we purchase a "token" that "may" be used in exchange for virtual products that a company offers. Thus buffering the actual Gambling from the Real Money. Until Govt. catches on and catches up with this, it's only going to continue and grow.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    There are actually a number of States in the US and many areas of Canada where even "cereal box" type sweepstakes are deemed as "Illegal Gambling" yet game companies are getting a free ride to exploit whatever legal loopholes and psychological tactics they can for cash.
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I wouldn't have such an issue with Lottery Boxes except for the fact that the prize drop % is always obscured. It could be 10% or it could be .001%. These gaming companies are currently under no obligation to reveal their rates. Every single other RMT prize is required by law to disclose rates. Every lottery ticket purchased has the % listed for each prize. Every single scratch ticket has the % listed for each prize. Every single cereal box sweepstakes has % listed per prize. Every single Casino is federally required to show odds% for winning each prize. Yet these game companies have fallen through the cracks because Govt is much slower than technology. ANY RNG box that is purchased with Real Money or a Real Money Token(btw this is how they skirt the legalities right now) should be required to show %odds for each prize contained within. Having to show %odds, I think, would curtail a lot of the confusion and would enlighten consumers on exactly what they are paying for.