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  1. bsh4 drop rates

    was wondering how people are doing in terms of outfit/skill book drops from bsh 4 man? so far we've run about 80~ times and the rates seem to be absolute garbage (1 mask from twins (no hair), about 4 skill books total and a couple pirate kings). i'm aware this is just another form of rng, but statistically speaking the overall drop rates seem to be alot lower than poh4, at least in terms of cosmetics. anyone care to share their experience?
  2. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    implying that it's easy to get rank 1 in pve in tera? :o
  3. Codex ♦ Hardcore PvX - Cerulean Order

    if i post pictures of me being rank 1 in all warrior vaults and guild having all rank 1 and 2 scores in sch/brh in the last 6 months, i get in instantly right? ;^)