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  1. Frost FM gear questions

    Dear god that wont happen for a long while :/
  2. Frost FM gear questions

    Is that the Royal Zen Bean HM skill?
  3. Frost FM gear questions

    So I played back in Feb '16 when game was newer. I stopped right before the level 50 increase so only played FM Frost back then. I loved it, and I love it now still. Looking for gear suggestions(Mystic/Soul Badges/Soul Shields) for this build. I have no intention of being Fire, so would I even need to work toward any HM skills since they pretty much benefit Fire? Any info would be helpful so I can focus on what to farm. Ty
  4. got banned for rmt selling

    My question is why does a brand new warlock need 20gold?
  5. To get your free character slot

    FFS will you ppl learn to read other social medias. BnS twitter posted this. Go to your hongmoon store and buy it for 0. Now stop posting 30 threads on same topic.
  6. Why u banned my account for no reasons ?

    Solution is simple. Stop botting.
  7. Check this guy's post history. He posted about another account for $300 invested. Fishy to me. Sounds like a bot farmer got what came to him.
  8. Cold snap + Ice rain combo

    I used this before the last patch buff, and still use it. I pull agro like a mofo
  9. Please for the love of god do not turn this into another SWTOR. Get that instant Max level crap out of here
  10. No way! Bots in an mmo? Call the President!
  11. gadering craft

  12. One of the crafting items, and the word pine is chat filtered? Who setup this translation? Makes me wonder what other basic words are filtered.