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  1. I was cap both lvl and gear before this Path. I was spend 10-14 hrs a day to do daily, pvp and questing. Gold doesn't matter in pvp ? Not true at all, only in f9 gold doesn't matter. In open world gold rule every thing. No AP = GG in faction, no AP = GG in Dungeon. But in the last patch we can manual farm every things, this patch with ugly stuff (yeah i call this money pouch is ugly) make the price of everything increase like hell. How do new ppl afford for the game, how about casual ppl catch up gold buyer. everyone have the point to play or quit, but i rage quit cuz of many problem in this g
  2. I've seen some ppl selling 8k-10k gold on some private forum. I feel the game sooner or later will broke. Its enough for BnS. Un-Balance pvp, Un-fair gold farm. So Thank for everything NCSOFT, Long time goodbye
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