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  1. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    Well, much appreciated, I never said OP never got an answer to his question, I was talking about the majority in this forum -not just this thread- who only respond with half-assed sarcastic answers.
  2. Abuse of pvp clothes.

    Sarcastic replies are exactly what derail threads. I skimmed the thread truth be told, OP has a point, and he could simply get a peaceful reply telling him there are few outfits that will mark you as a PvP player including the one he wore, "take it off" explains nothing, there are other outfits that won't mark him as a PvP player thus no player can attack him.
  3. Any talented character customizer want a job

    Why don't you just post the picture here?
  4. Showgirl

    Was it mentioned whether it'll be paid or drop?
  5. Showgirl

    Where can I acquire this outfit?
  6. Cross-Server Dungeon and Idiots

    I hope this won't become FFXIV endgame, and people want vote kick, imagine just cause you don't have maxed gear it definitely means you are under geared and party vote to kick you until you have zero ways to play.
  7. Never had the pleasure to try Reddit sadly, i visit it once every month or more, will check it when I return home.
  8. Is it worth joining a clan.

    @elliv windstride to clan member? Would you please tell me about this?
  9. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    I'd love if Poh even more if she was really a trap :D
  10. Sadly I am at work now, would love to try I trust my skills in using the character creations.
  11. Discuss Soha's Gender

    I think she's just a kawaii tomboy. Oh and is that her hair or a wig?
  12. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    I've seen even cuter traps too.
  13. Discuss Poharan's Gender

    and carries a gatling gun at that age ? DEFINITELY A HE.
  14. You just might get a kick out of my misfortune

    Stupid question, does losing a bid still makes you lose the money?