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  1. well the topic is like 30+ pages long so no I didnt read most of it, maybe someone can post a summary
  2. just be patient it will unlock eventually
  3. that is pretty lucky, congrats
  4. working on some side quests in The Everdusk Just finished the In Good Repair Quest and the Love is a Battlefield Quest
  5. Hey OP don't listen to all the haters and naysayers. I joined the subreddit and I don't care if it's you created it or someone else did. Most of us appreciate your efforts to strengthen the Blade and Soul community. The sub will almost hit 100 members soon and eventually we will see it reach 1,000 and more. so don't be discouraged by all the negative posts.
  6. OP already put the link to the subreddit but here it is again: https://www.reddit.com/r/Blade_and_Soul/
  7. 90 members now :) if only 10 more join, the subreddit will reach 100 members!
  8. I've created some pages for specific gameplay mechanics: Revive Weapon Repair Windstride Would be cool if others improved those pages, expanding or adding more info there
  9. yeah I added a bunch of tips for the prologue quests and also created entries for the various training dummies, even though they are just training dummies I believe they should still be classified under "enemies"
  10. BTW if you run into any cute animals be sure to also add them. Remember we are documenting not only stuff like quests and monsters, but everything about the B&S world. Let's give it some flavor! I've added: Dog Duck
  11. ok I made a page for the first costume: Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Uniform page includes how to get the uniform and lots of screenshots with male/female of all races will do this for other costumes too
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