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  1. BladeDance Pulse Mystic Badge bug.

    As any BD can confirm, Pulse Mystic badge enchances our Lighting Surge. Although if you check, it only adds the effec tot Lighting Draw, our "C" (You need to pass the mouse on tghe skill) Our other skills taht envolve Surge, does not benefict for the Badge. This is a bug.
  2. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

    where u can take them??? Not before u enter for sure :( Am I missing something? I do the one inside and the 2 quests u take before enter, and I just get 1 on that dungeon lol
  3. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

    Yeah I know about the situation to choose it, was only wondering which one would be more beneficial tog et first. but as I see, if Feyris si right, then only in 100 days u can get the Vortex skill. since u get 3/day only lol :/ that's like in more then 3 months, when the new patch is already out wtf...
  4. Tier list now and at 50?

    Destros weak in 50? xDDDD
  5. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

  6. BDs new Vortex HG skills.

    I would like if someone could post a guide/way to get both fo the amelstrom vortex and the parry one (HG skills) Like what we need form Achiev merch and so on. Also, what vortex would you pick first? ty!
  7. Failed to connect to server?

    NCSoft can you take a peek at EU servers? This problems are ridiculous already
  8. Failed to connect to server?

  9. Lolicaust - Crimson Legion PvX

    Hi. I'm a BD playing for around 1month+. I'm currently on Pirate wep awakened. I'm 24 years old and from Portugal. Atm i'm stuck at 1800 rating. I was 1899 and lost a match vs a KFM with macro. Then I lost more 5 matches vs FMs...xD I'm looking for a active and helpfull clan to engage in more challeging PvE stuff like BSH4 for hongmoon skill and Nyr Lab :) Hope you guys can help me around and we gear up together! EDIT: CutiezPie ingame.
  10. 3vs3 TAG Team Change.

    Just wanna know everyones opinions. Are you all ok with fighting 3x summoners or 3x destros or such? is that even fun? I would vote to dont allot for a team to have the same class.
  11. A Look At GameGuard

    Still no post from NCSoft after 12hours of constant DCs. GJ NCSoft.
  12. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    Waiting for solution by NCbots... Are we gonna be like this all the freaking weekend and god who knows more time??
  13. Error Update E02018

    Yeah but some people can't login for some reason ...I mean I can login and I get a Error 3000 message. Seems its GameGuard failing.
  14. Hello gameguard, Hello Disconnect again

    Your "delete files" solution didn't help at all :<
  15. How are you enjoying BnS since WL patch

    I'm enjoying so much this disconnects! :) I'm even considering in switching up games and go back to some MMO that can actually give some info when part of the community can't log in!