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  1. On 4/27/2017 at 9:45 PM, Skeebitaro said:

    Honestly I still love BnS just as much as I did during it's beta in both Chinese and now in English, but as I've reached end game content, I'm starting to lose any desire to play. Most of that is because of the community in this game. As you all know, most (if not all) end game material has to be done in parties (which in itself is frustrating in my opinion) but whenever I get paired up with a party, I always end up with people who either get mad and leave or end up spending the entire dungeon laughing/acting like an ass just because you're not OMG 200% TOP PRO PVE/PVP LOL!!!

    I feel like this game and it's community has done nothing but add additional stress to my life via something I once enjoyed. Too many people take this game ridiculously serious and their crappy attitudes are not something I want to deal with while looking at the many dungeons I will probably have to grind to get everything I'd like to in the game. I understand that "ignoring it" is an option, however my point is that I don't understand why people act like this over a game, something meant to be enjoyed.. and if I can't enjoy it, then I see no reason for the game to be played.

    My hope is that perhaps there is a solution to my problem. Maybe a clan on my server who is more open-minded to not acting like a bunch of elitist pricks every single dungeon run. If I could get around this issue and enjoy the game again, I'd certainly love to. But until then.. Well, I probably won't be signing on any more sadly.

    Cudnt agree more

  2. @NightFer dude , did u even read the whole content i wrote? I clearly stated that its just BnS im having problem with. I play and have played many EU based online MMOs, MOBAs and all but none gave me any problems. Since u pissed me off Im gonna take a name and compare it with BnS. Guild Wars 2, yes its from NCsoft as well and it gives waaayyyyyy better "ping".(plz dont bring the obvious "BNS is more connection dependent" again. All I expect is a stable ping like 200-250. 300 is still ok during updates) In gw2 EU(also in other games) its 150-200ms and NA 250-350ms which very less compared to EU ping in BnS. NA in BnS is 400+ for me. And this discrimination is where Im bothered. Not just GW2, in none of the EU based games I get more than 300. 300 in EU is like the last thing "thunderstorm" "crisis core" "judgement-day" "days of the future past" "logan" ftw. I hope u got my point.

    2 hours ago, NightFer said:

    if you dont like the ping, you are free to leave or go play somewhere else with better ping. Companies that pamper their clients like babies dont last long. Either the clients adjust to the requirements or they quit and find somewhere else to whine.

    I get it, u dont have any ping issues coz ur nearer to server compared to me and ur ISP is GOD which makes u more concerned with in game updates or may be u have no issues at all and u got ur dream MMO which is fine. I wud have been like that if I stayed in ur place but seriously, you dont need to finger at people to quit the game(although its true many people are quitting). With a mentality like you, we people with ping issues shud say the same about people having issues with in game updates including rng boxes, events, raids, weapon system etc, "Go find yourself another game where companies pamper ur demands".

    Im just stating a problem just like all the other people here for the devs to take note. Its upto the devs and company to fix it or ignore it. You are a "NOBODY" to judge us and show ur hatred. If you wud have given any technical tips that wud have been much appreciable.

  3. Probably this topic will be ignored and evaded very nicely but still, here goes my final try to continue with this game.

    I've been playing this game for a year/more from SEA and since then I was hoping by the end of 1 year all the optimization problems will be solved. I'm least concerned with the in game items, dungeons, weapon paths coz those are all irrelevant to me since I cant even get a stable connection with the server. Support failed me. (Dont get me wrong, they are actually nice and communicates pretty well). Now, many might say that since Im from SEA nothing can be done about my ping. And why dont I play an Asian server.

    To answer the 2nd question, the major problem with Asian servers are language. Later comes ping which is strangely even more than west but reduces with ping boosters and its more than playable for me atleast.(If roaming around alone trying to find out an English speaker is what u call playing) Anyways its useless to play in asian servers since many English communities have shifted to west. And the translations are not covering up everything.

    Now to tell you about the ping from SEA to EU(I play in EU btw) is pretty high compared to every other EU based online games I play/played. I m not taking any game names but generally I get 170-250 ms(approx) in the EU servers except in BNS. Here the ping ranges from 300-370ms avg. When the server population drops at the end of some OP event or new patch 250-300+ can be expected. But 300ms is like pretty standard, which is still fine with me if that remains stable. The ping is fluctuating ALL the time and most of the time my skills are not even being registered and my character is standing dumb. Not to mention during a release of new patch my ping ranges from 300-900+ occasionally for atleast a week or 2. I thot the 64bit client will solve something but nothing. I have done everything possible on my side trying out ping boosters, consulting ISPs and formatting and testing in a high config PC. Nothing worked and one day some players said that this has been the problem since the beginning and the developers stated it themselves about the server issues.

    Now SEA servers with english patch is not gonna come out which was stated clearly by NC so, sorry if Im being too demanding, after investing so much time and money on this game but can I expect a clear answer about whether this server issue will be solved or not in the future? coz so far no technical improvements came other than the 64bit client which proved good to some and worst to more.(for me no change) With release of new patches my experience in game is deteriorating.

  4. I do understand that maintaining an MMO server is not easy. But hello guys,, NC is not a company built yesterday. I dont care about the in game item progression and dung mech coz the "real" issue in this game has been the optimization. But it seems they are focusing on the pple staying near servers who can play the game in low ping and whale their gears. The servers are so bad that this is the only game that gives me high as well as unstable ping. And the whole grind is such a pain with high ms. Ping=your atk speed (doesnt matter even if u have a raven legendary, doesnt matter if u know the mech) you will always be behind in terms of dps and iframes. There's no point fighting for in game items and stuffs, coz its a newly launched game in west, sooner or later things will be stable later why are pple so desperate to reach the end point right now? Fight for the unstable servers which crashes every new update and then in the near end of an event along with that "update" people quits playing and server stabilizes a bit. This is my first compaint to this company after playing this game since Jan 2016. I honestly didn't want to do this but you gave me no choice. The supports did spoke fine and they did try their best but I realized that certain things are out of their hands. Its totally in the hands of the devs team. Look I do honor all the way the "in-game" stuffs have been introduced but still, whats the point. People are quitting this game. This game burns up a lot from us. Its rather a punishment over all to all the non-whale casual players who just wanna spend a quality free time in a game that gives "entertainment" not items not outfits not free stuffs,, but a relaxing fun experience which doesn't discriminate players in terms of "dps" "APs" , oh this ones my fav "brain".

    To all the people who are supporting NC for unstable servers and being all "modest nice understanding guys" F*** Yourselves!! Get a life other than grinding ur arse off for a pixellated item.

    PS: Recommended System requirement for this game is a Joke.

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