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  1. @NightFer dude , did u even read the whole content i wrote? I clearly stated that its just BnS im having problem with. I play and have played many EU based online MMOs, MOBAs and all but none gave me any problems. Since u pissed me off Im gonna take a name and compare it with BnS. Guild Wars 2, yes its from NCsoft as well and it gives waaayyyyyy better "ping".(plz dont bring the obvious "BNS is more connection dependent" again. All I expect is a stable ping like 200-250. 300 is still ok during updates) In gw2 EU(also in other games) its 150-200ms and NA 250-350ms which very less compared to EU
  2. Probably this topic will be ignored and evaded very nicely but still, here goes my final try to continue with this game. I've been playing this game for a year/more from SEA and since then I was hoping by the end of 1 year all the optimization problems will be solved. I'm least concerned with the in game items, dungeons, weapon paths coz those are all irrelevant to me since I cant even get a stable connection with the server. Support failed me. (Dont get me wrong, they are actually nice and communicates pretty well). Now, many might say that since Im from SEA nothing can be done about my
  3. I do understand that maintaining an MMO server is not easy. But hello guys,, NC is not a company built yesterday. I dont care about the in game item progression and dung mech coz the "real" issue in this game has been the optimization. But it seems they are focusing on the pple staying near servers who can play the game in low ping and whale their gears. The servers are so bad that this is the only game that gives me high as well as unstable ping. And the whole grind is such a pain with high ms. Ping=your atk speed (doesnt matter even if u have a raven legendary, doesnt matter if u know the me
  4. Hmm , it all makes sense now. No "wonder" many people have quit this game. Its just hard work (daily non paying job) for a small cookie(ivory dragon scale). And I thought video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. >_>
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