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  1. same here. eu twin wagons. game kicked me out with that same message, then i tried to log in all over again from the start. the first couple of minutes it was saying wrong password and at some point i got really nervous (i have been hacked in the past). but i just got back in the game...
  2. i was in cross-server dungeon (Tomb of the Exiles) with a party. i was left behind because i was checking out something, and they started the final boss without me. so i was left out of it and i couldnt group with them. so i raged and ,as i was the captain of the group, i went to the settings and in the bids options i put minimum bid 3 Golds :D. now then, seconds before i do that, i was sure i had around 5 silvers or something. after i changed the setting, and after they passed/won the first 2 items from the auction (after defeating the boss), i looked again and WTF i had 80 silvers on my
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