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  1. Locked Countrys

    Thank you guys for ur replays but problem is that Georgia Hasnt ever banned by NCsoft in other games, there is AION, Guild Wars and Wildstar servers but we can play on NA or Eu or Russian... its our choice but in BnS we got IP block :/ its unfair you can see CIS map we arent here :Содружество_Независимых_Государств
  2. Locked Countrys

    Russian company called Innova bought license to publish this game in several Asian countrys and Georgia was included here. it means that if I want I can buy license on France, UK and France and ban them playing on EU servers? where is logic? give us choice.
  3. Locked Countrys

    Georgia isnt part of Europian Union but it ll be in near future. Itself Georgia is in Europe and NCsoft must unlock Georgia. It's unfair they even don't give us choice
  4. Locked Countrys

    YES but they dont even ask.... Georgian ppl dont want to play with Rusisans after thousands of wars :/ THey didn ban Georgia in AION , not in Wildstar but why in Blade n Soul :/
  5. Locked Countrys

    Georgia is part of Europe, its also part of Eastern Partnership, a project which was initiated by the European Union(EU). Georgia also got Visa Liberalisation and you can say that its not in EU????
  6. Locked Countrys

    Hello, I 'd like to know if NCsoft consider unlocking Georgian IPs because its not part of CIS, We are not part of this, secondly Georgia is part of Europe and cant play on Europian servers, which is not normal