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  1. Localization is a piece of crap.

    Some politically correct softies; Im still enjoying the game very much but it looks like my wallet is a bit more closed than I wanted it to be. Welp, some adults and lots of lawgivers arent really up to date and for them this is a mature game for mature people. Lets not forget our western approach to sex and sexuality (while we ooze with sexual imagery left and right, outright sex and being lewd is frowned upon. A gift from medieval ages, eh?)
  2. Seriously; we wanted to play blade and soul to ENJOY the BLADE AND SOUL. Not the Knife and Spirit version of the game its now. I know, that this propably cant be fixed due to copyright/localisation laws. But I need to point out: you royally screw up your fanbase, by localising this game. Things done good: lots of puns and memes Things done bad: overload of cheap puns and memes translation of skill is amateur lvl changing names of items midgame is wthisgoingon lvl translation of names is kid TVshow lvl translation of dialogues is kid TVshow lvl changing the storyline to make it more appealing to western audience is BORDERLINE SELLOUT CRAPPY CASH IN WE THINK OUR CUSTOMERS CANT APPRECIATE ART AND INTELECTUAL GYMNASTICS lvl This game HAS big potential, but you NcSoft treat is so amateurlish and immature I just cant imagine how you can waste your money like that. This is a well known AAA title and its being ruined by people who have no idea about game design. Please, check who is doing what in your team. You know how to do your job as a translator right? You translate the game. You make it understandable. If some things are impossible to translate you try to get the best similiar effect. The more word by word, the better. Not changing the original artist work because you think it will be better. Leave thinking to the customer. Rant Over.