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  1. Current game population

    This game is far from dying. I ended up in a waiting queue just a couple days ago. (EU Server) But BnS is just not making enough money for ncsoft. They make more money with mobile games.
  2. 2x lvl 50 vouchers

    No character existed on the US server before. I simply created first a level 1 character and logged in. Then I noticed that I received my last year 365 days premium subscription outfit (but currently I am unsubbed, no premium at all) and the level 50 voucher. Then I logged out and created my level 50 character.
  3. 2x lvl 50 vouchers

    FYI, you will receive two lvl 50 vouchers, one for the EU server and one for the US server. As a EU player I can finally play now wednesdays with my new lvl 50 character on the US server! yay! I don't know if this was actually intended by ncsoft to receive two of these vouchers?
  4. Just read the patch notes... still no fix! At least the idle animations have been fixed ..sigh no face animations during attacking, jumping no face animations in dungeon/pvp lobby
  5. game will be sold?

    Honestly I do not know much about gameforge... well then it would be the choice between the devil and the deep blue sea
  6. game will be sold?

    As a European Player I would appreciate it. Any maintenance not during our prime time... what a dream!
  7. Just found on twitter, by ThunderCharSav‏:
  8. There are also no face animations in the dungeon lobby but in the character selection screen they work. There are also no face animations when you press a skill button. Looks odd.
  9. Small patch and Maintenance

    Happend to me too...
  10. Ist schon ein release für NA Server geplant?
  11. I found an interesting thread in the german forums about a gearscore web application Link: http://www.tribunal-esports.de/playerscores/ Just type in your player name and get your global ranking. I think the results it shows you are pretty helpful for your char. dev.
  12. Again Razer bug?

    GameGuard is the source of the problem because it has been recently activated again
  13. Unneeded. Threads already get checked and flagging bots spam by mods is unneeded since you can obviously see bots spam by their stupid thread title. Your actual intention is this: " Give me extremely limited permissions all you wish, so long as you give me permission to flag threads and users and/or posts for banning "
  14. I guess if ~10 people within a short period report your guild recruiting message as spam then you will get an auto-ban.
  15. Banned as RMT Seller is the general category. This category includes also Spam, like looking for clan members and spamming the recruiting message in the faction chat.