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  1. Easiest solution would be to add the 20 gold purchase back and keep the current one also Ppl that have tons of mats that "don't need" can use the mat method those that dont have any can buy with 20 gold
  2. The point is there should be a reliable and not rng pve way of getting them There are ppl that cant enjoy arena due to high ping and there are ppl that don't enjoy pvp at all Lets say you consistently do arena.At some point depending how how much time you do arena you will get them On the other hand even if you do masts/gloom consistently x times per day for months you most likely will not get it or you will get outbid cause of the extreme rarity and high price on market Offals/ember should be added on the peach or achievement merchant so that a "consistent pve" will give you the same result of a consistent pvp
  3. Before the merge of 4 man dungeon you could get offalls at 200-300 gold range and now you need 1500+ because that shit is more rare than legendary drops Spending 1500+ for a skill on a char you made recently or you are new to the game is absurd PvP? How are you supposed to do 6 vs 6 on a 800-900 ap range char? You are basically forced to do arena even if you don't like pvp and even that will take centuries to get all the beans
  4. Or are we supposed to pay 1500+ gold for 1 skill?
  5. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Rumor says we get compensation guys calm down. An extra free bell with 0 ncoin will be in f10 for everyone to grab!! :D
  6. I am not sure what's worst, your English or your general idea of "crying" Either way no one asked in the thread HOW to obtain the skill books If you don't care as you said you can kindly leave the thread so ppl with constructive criticism/ideas can post their opinion about the matter
  7. Even with the recent trove prices didn't drop enough to make it worth buying 1kgold for a skill doesn't really worth it It would be nice if there was a way to farm skill books like achievement merchant or perhaps buy it with alot of peaches?
  8. Asura Ember: Does it even exist?

    haven't seen a single ember or offal since they removed 4man dungeons i guess they forgot to add them on the drop table of "merged" difficulty
  9. Cause i don't remember leaving my character there
  10. Drop rate nerf

    Offal of darkness 470 gold? Offal of silence 200 gold? Do they even drop anymore?
  11. BNS LOW FPS problems

    Make directx check by typing-->dxdiag to command promt On the display tab check if all the acceleration are enabled if not everything is enabled and you get something like this (i assume you have x64 bit os?) Then try the following Open the "run"->type regedit->it will open the registry Right click on the computer->click export->save the file somewhere(it might take some seconds it will look like it froze but its not).This backups whole registry Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\DirectDraw There you should see an entry called "EmulationOnly" Double click it and change value to 0 Close registry editor reboot pc Check if the value is still 0 in registry and try bns again
  12. an awesome feature so you dont have to go 3 loading screens to return to main map. I was wondering why its not on patch notes tho or was it available longer time and i hadn't notice?
  13. Server too laggy since yesterday night EU

    Huge loading screens +crashes on mandate and storage probably because ppl spam it for merchant
  14. i bet with 32-bit os so 3gb usable which means its your toaster's fault If you cant ask for help dont hurt your fingers typing bullshit threads
  15. or you should consider upgrading your intel pentium 1 gb ram toaster?