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  1. i have a long time lvl 10 PM but i cancell after last troove when they gave back spin , i dont see any benefit as premium member anymore
  2. hi, why does it takes ages to download game with speed of my network 50//20 up/down and only 100kbit/sec downloading game does it downloading from Venera?
  3. There will be these blue and red "flowers" that spawns on the ground, 3 at a time. So 3 blue and 3 red. What you want to do is grab 1 (assuming you're doing 6-man) flower of the opposite color of what snake lady you're assigned to. So say you're attacking blue snake lady, then you need to grab 1 red flower when it spawns. After about ~10sec of flowers spawning, any flowers remaining on the ground will be eaten by the boss and they gain health from it. Having the opposite color of flower from the snake lady you're attacking is a must for this encounter or else you'll die.
  4. SRSL CAN THAY DO EVEN SINGLE MAINT. WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PROBLEMS??????????? i spend RL money ond this crap- no more Same freaking error as last maint. smthing 200... bla bla reather goin hunt pokemons
  5. ppl go watch some movie, and wait till tmrw couse they went to lounch after hard day of work :D
  6. And i pay to this nerds to play game and for reward i get this new Error like there's not enough errors in this game :( Sad, really thinking od quit play
  7. All FM's had this crap bug , nothing we can do about just find in pty some malee and problem solved :P
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