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  1. Mushin 8F quick guide

    With summoner (390 AP, 40k hp, Awekened Sire, siren belt, pirate bracelet, ET Soul shield set + critical) i can't take more than 60% hp till timer expire. So yea, you need HIGH gear for this. And i don't get it, why Asian version have 300-400k hp and EU version have 500+k hp? And i guess EU version have stronger def. Why? Because this is EU it means that we need to struggle more to kill him? Many bosses and dungeon from EU is much harder than Asian version, like 20%+ more hp and everything. This is bullshit.
  2. [RO]Avem playeri romani pe acest server?

    Salut. Sunt cativa romani, am intalnit inca vreo 3 dar nu prea sunt activi. Sa facem un clan de romani e o idee, dar ma indoiesc ca iese ceva. Majoritatea prefera clanurile mari, sa primeasca ajutor cat mai mult.
  3. Mushin's Tower F7 without a cat

    Are you joking or what? You know why he can do it without a cat? Because it's just one enemy who don't attack you with long range if you root him, that's why. And his set already have mushin soul shields. Try that with boss from 3F without a cat with some set before you get Mushin, or try some dungeon where boss can hit you even if you root him, or try that with boss who jump on you over and over again even if you root him. Ohh wait, yea he do Mushin 7F, summoner is OP even without cat. Right :))))
  4. cat tank nerfed

    Yea, i tested that taunt and many times boss attack me after 4-6 seconds and sometimes taunt is not working. I press taunt and cat is exactly besides boss, i see there the taunt timer 11...10 and boss jump on me. And this comment *cricket* me off "If you get the aggro then that means you are just like every other player". Seriously? Let me explain why this taunt is so important. All other classes have or HP or Defense or Stealth or Evasion or many escape skills who help them to take damage and at the same time to do damage. Summoner does not have any of that... no HP, no defense, no evasion and 1 escape skill. That cat is all we have to do PVE, without it is just useless class because we die instantly. This is one example... if i do Mushin tower because you are alone there, i command the cat to jump on boss, boss attack the cat, if the cat lose aggro boss will jump on me so i need to run if he doesn't kill me... run and try to press TAB and taunt him cat again.. if you try to heal the cat and me with F, boss will jump on me again after few seconds because you do damage and again run... TAB... taunt and finally cat or you will die. Now just think if is 1 boss with some mobs around him example Mushin 3F... Cat with damage is not an option for boss because she will die quickly. So yea, good bye summoner, i go back to my BD.
  5. cat tank nerfed

    I have lvl 45 with BD and i can keep aggro for poharan almost entire time (sometimes i do huge damage) because i have alot of escape skills and speed. But with my summoner lvl 40, i have trouble with normal mobs if they don't focus on cat. With dungeon boss, i died in 2-3 hits when they focused on me, because i don't have any escape skills. So if this is true with aggro skill, i better delete my summoner and don't waste my time with him, because will be useless if i do some damage on boss and he will attack me, i will die instantly. For E. Supply is very important to do damage if you wanna get some Brilliant chest, if you don't do damage, you will get normal chest. With my BD i ALWAYS get Brilliant.
  6. RIP Servers again

    lol :)))) from what planet do you come? Do you read this topic posts?
  7. RIP Servers again

    And another day wasted, so yea... i am glad i do not pay for premium because this is really annoying.
  8. RIP Servers again

    Is a HUGE lag. How can EU server is so bad and NA doesn't have any problems? I think i will move back to NA, even with 150ms is still better than this.
  9. Huge LAG

    After few hours offline, the servers is back online with this lag... I move back to NA, i have 150ms there but is better compared with EU servers.
  10. Servers crashed ?!

    What are you smoking?