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  1. i know the basics of each class but once you step foot in gold its really hard match-up especially sf. im lucky if i get a win on them. Warlock is in a position where mistake is sure defeat. Out of all the classes they are the ones with the least mobility and escape. i have won against all those classes but its a hard fight all the way. +i kinda lack some hm skills. Easy way to explain gold and silver strategy is with Assassin. Silver sins go for stealth build which gets them killed if they make a mistake while gold assassins use stun lock build an keep constant pressure on you. t
  2. Everyone here talking about getting gold easy with any class but i struggle to get that gold on my warlock. VS kfm- 1 mistake is all it takes vs SF *cricket* that class. Its the warlock killer. Nothing i do reaches them. they just don't give a *cricket* vs SUM its gotten easier but u need those hm skill to even stand a chance. stealth constant pain in the ass cat resist skill. Rumblebies is the toughest match-up for now. VS BD. OMFG stop it with the resists. Bm is getting nerfed thankfully. FM can just get away from them but once Fire bm gets you u dead. I cant
  3. So u need 30 legendary jewels and 30 gold just to get to stage 5 but to get to stage 10 u need 70 jewels and 70 gold which add up to 70jewels x 20g + 70gold = 1470 gold. Oh boy lets hope that illusion weapons can help me with the economy cause with just daily average of 10 gold i'll die before i get there.
  4. yeah that has been there since the start of august but unfortunately we didn't get it this update. sucks so bad.
  5. I have no idea what this is about? what is wrong with gon faces.
  6. I wish they would fix the problem with some costumes for gon female where the breasts are pointy as *cricket*. Nipples look like the point of a rocket? Seriously why is the no roundness option in the game. Where you could chose whether you like them pointy or round. The ones right now look ridiculous. Also some costumes like the scorpion one that u get from the wheel reduces the size of the breasts(the ass looks fantastic tho).The stalker costume has a nice roundness bit it shrinks the size a little bit. the only one i found that had a nice combination of size and roundness is the ghost costum
  7. Yes the soulburn changes look really promising especially the change that eliminates awakened rupture for awakened bombardment and volley. Warlock will probably jump some stares in the dps ladder. I just cant wait for the update to come to west if what you say is true then we will now have soulburn every minute. Soulburn got better awakened skill and obliterate will deal 10x more damage according to the info of warlock legendary soulshield. now its TD that looks underwhelming but i guess that skill will be mostly used for pvp.
  8. Someone posted the stats of the soul shield and holly shit Obliterate got buffed to infinity and beyond to the point where you can solo most dungeons without using distortion or soulburn. Obliterate gains 1000%damage increase so basically 10X damage. And by my calculations a 600Ap warlock can do 600'000 damage if it hits crit when the enemy is launched in the air. 6 warlocks can kill yeti in the first 3 sec of the fight. Summon thrall+onrush stun +obliterate + chains that pull in the air boom 6*600'000=3.6 mil. night night yeti.
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