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  1. HM RMB

    Then what do you do when asura is in his flame sword or ice sword mode and leach comes up. If you don't use it as soon as it come up you lose your 8 sec advantage. At least you can get reset on baleful + the damage buff. See what happens now. Seraph has become very situational now. at least you could have health regen and reset if it was on hit but with the requirement it has now you migh as well not have the rest of the buffs on the damn thing since you will never get to proc them. I really don't want to bash seraph since it has a great buff but at this state its just a gimic and not worth the price and time to level when a new legendary might be just around the corner. If u want join me in the quest to make Seraph great again. Ask the dev to patch it like the Korean version.
  2. Legendaty wep??

    it really is a bad split since both weapons shine in different situations. Seraph should have been the clear dominant on warlock since baleful benefits all other classes. The change to baleful only hurt warlocks so that is why im asking for them to patch it like they did to TW and JP but right now with both weapons i don't see the point in investing time and resources for a slightly better weapon. If they don't patch seraph im siting this one out and waiting for next legendary. baleful proc chance seems to have been nerfed and seraph effect of 20% cd reduction on stage 6 seems to have been nerfed to 16%. Great.
  3. Seraph vs Baleful [Refresh Buff Cooldown] NA/EU regions.

    Dont know but warlocks were the only ones that had seraph as clear victor thanks to its effect but now it has come to a tough argument on which to go. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/edit#gid=278009508 use this as reference Im seeing warlocks defending seraph and i have seen others cry about going the seraph route. Though i thing the buff at stage 10 is impressive it is till to little for commitment this weapon requires. Will think about it if seraph changes back to kr version but not a definitive approval. As for summoners i dont know what you would benefit from having the cd reset but acording to the spreadsheet baleful stays superior in all stages but you have to factor in that we have the nerfed version of both weapons with low proc rate and lower effects. Stage 6 seraph was supposed to reduce cd by 20% but we only have 16%. So its really not as black and white as it should have been and i wont outright deny anyone with rguments for seraph. All other classes seem to benefit more from baleful tho.
  4. Can we finally change seraph effect?

    Did you even hear what i said. You will die before you get even 1 proc on this weapon on pvp so no its useless even for pvp when the new legendary will give you crit defence on stack you can clearly see which one was meant for PVP. Korea was the only one to have it but they changed it in JP/TW too. i asked nadwah about this and their legendary seraph is on hit. Seriously read the info box at the end. it was patched to get proc on hit. Yeah legendary seraph stage 6 has lower downtime on battle but it isn't worth the extra cost when not far from now better legendaries will come with far better effects and its not as much of a deal breaker to not have the effect. I dont think there is any warlock in other regions still holding onto seraph and just resort to using s3 repulse to remove downtime.
  5. Legendaty wep??

    This is like arguing that having 1/4 a slice of cake is fine when im arguing to have the whole thing. Do warlocks players hate themselves. Why argue against the change when they are the ones most affected by the change of seraphs proc requirement https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/edit#gid=278009508 We can have the whole slice people? Just ask for it.
  6. Proof that Summoner is a hard class to play! kappa

    i know the basics of each class but once you step foot in gold its really hard match-up especially sf. im lucky if i get a win on them. Warlock is in a position where mistake is sure defeat. Out of all the classes they are the ones with the least mobility and escape. i have won against all those classes but its a hard fight all the way. +i kinda lack some hm skills. Easy way to explain gold and silver strategy is with Assassin. Silver sins go for stealth build which gets them killed if they make a mistake while gold assassins use stun lock build an keep constant pressure on you. they freeze you and kill pet. teleport and blind and all sorts of crazy shit. That is my way of dividing the good from the lazy. Had a spar once with a plat assassin when warlock was still fresh out of nerf and holly shit i din't even have time to react. Ping was probably a huge factor there but my god what a fight. tried changing my build an was surprised that a completly different build then the one i use for sin had a massive change in performance and i managed to get him to 5%. On that day i learned that using the non CC field was better than using non target field on stun lock assassins.
  7. Can we finally change seraph effect?

    I really don't know what you men that it works as intended when the major buff of the weapon both the health regen and reset buff that gives 100% crit rate within 5 sec will never proc. So you only get 1/3 of a weapons benefit. Just as i showed in the video i posted. The proc rate on seraph is abysmal almost nonexistent. Seraph is not a pvp weapon. that is just an excuse to the bad choice they made in making a weapon that procs on getting hit in a game all about avoiding damage. How do i know that it is not a pvp weapon. Easy you will die before you can even say (leach cd) let alone proc health regen on open world pvp and arena that's why the new legendary makes sense since it makes the rollback F have 1 sec less cd and crit defense buff. I mean honestly that shit didn't even proc with 5 tier npc and you expect it to proc when you are being bombarded by 2 players with 700ap. Keep dreaming. there is no possible way to make seraph proc reset so what is even the point of having the damn thing. There is a reason why they reverted the jp/tw legendary to proc on hit. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JOQK34BUTR_55XwnbJOk388gjokrtLZFdhi3vIwXjZc/edit#gid=278009508 I can find no reasonable explanation for doing this since you yourself can look in the link and see that across the bord baleful is the best for long term on most classes. They only *cricket*ed over warlocks , fire kfms and lightning bd. I really dont know what they mean that it works as it should when this is obviously a design flaw. Just leach cd reduction seraph is very situational. against dps sponges like yeti when you constantly dps him without aggro is a great buff since it eliminates the downtime of your skills by a lot. But if you run Asura those 8 sec reduction is worthless when half the game he is immune to leach making the 8 sec reduction useless or having to stop dps to do mechanics on zakan on ebondrake or flame lord on desolate tomb and in those scenarios baleful wins by a mile cause you have extra damage and additional 150% ap damage and all skill reset. So far its pointless to go for either legendary since it has major dps loss. compared to Scorpio. with baleful being slightly better because of reset but not really worth the cost. I may go seraph if they change it but even then i would be on edge since they are probably going to introduce a new legendary with far better effects. As for the last part ho know with these things. Recently they changed pet hunger system that was never in any region. Maybe a miracle can happen if the player complain a lot. its not like this has never worked before.
  8. Seraph vs Baleful [Refresh Buff Cooldown] NA/EU regions.

    nope still 30 sec in here. RNG is a *cricket* sometimes.
  9. Legendaty wep??

    Either stay scorpio or go seraph when they change proc requirements to proc on hit. Right now none of the legendary are worth it but if you really want to, baleful is the right path just because of reset and the 100% crit on 10 stacks. Hidden stat of legendary that last 5 sec just before reset. With seraph stage 6 you only got a generous -8 sec off of leach. With baleful you have 5% damage on main dps+ aditional damage =150% of AP+ after 10 stacks u get 100% crit chance and after 5 sec skill reset that refreshes resist skill z and imprison 3 skill that reduces cd of leach by 6 also refreshes cd of dc which if it hits 2 times it gives you 8 sec off of leach=to stage 6 sreph The only advantage to seraph is that get leach 1 sec faster if dragoncall after imprison doesn't crit for another insta-cast. An advantage that becomes useless if u don't leach immediately and in high level dungeons this advantage becomes useless because bosses like Asura have their immunity phases which means the 8 sec advantage is now useless because you cant leach immediately. Bosses like the one at ebondrake citadel will require you to drop dps so that you can do mechanics so getting 5% more damage in your active times becomes far more beneficial. Unless they change the effect of seraph that path is useless cause even in high levels the mechanics problem still persists and your max will be 6 sec less leach cd from the baleful path. Also by the time we get later stages of seraph we will probably get a better legendary with a better effect SO its not worth even in the long run as they promise Here is a video showing how fast u can get reset
  10. Seraph vs Baleful [Refresh Buff Cooldown] NA/EU regions.

    Tragic thing about this whole fight is that there are still warlocks who think that seraph path is superior despite having no ability to proc. They will go to absurd lengths to defend seraph path despite the fact that if you go by the numbers Baleful makes stage 1-6 seraph effect useless just by having the ability to reset skills.
  11. Can we finally change seraph effect?

    Also here is a video showing you why seraph doesn't work even in low level pve Please address this problem and change the proc requirement
  12. In the beginning the baleful path was considered the pve choice while seraph was cast aside as the pvp one that has the weapon prock on taking a hit and as such it was acepted and i as many others decided to stay Scorpio until a new better legendary came out. In the next update we are getting a new PvP focused legendary and i wondered what the purpose of seraph is now so i was thinking maybe we can gett the seraph version of korea where the weapon procks on hit like baleful and make the mainstream legendary weapons PVE focus. Some classes would rather prefer seraph effect over balefuls high damage sats. One example is warlock which needs seraphs effect to get a more fluent ice build that is much safer thanks to seraph health regen ability making it unnecessary to always default to shadow wingstorm to get health steal and with the leach cooldown effect it balances out with baleful legendary focus on damage so shadow build warlocks can go for baleful path while ice build warlocks can go for seraph with health regen and cd reduction of main rotation skill. Before it just got accepted as white path being pvp and dark being PVE but now that we got pvp focused weapon can we hope to get the pve seraph. Please allow us to have more customization on our builds and not restricts us to one path being the only correct answer. At firs i accepted it but with the new update and new legendary i wonder why you would give a weapon the effect to prock on getting hit in a game all about avoiding hits especially on a glass canon like warlock. This change in a sense became a nerf for ice build warlocks especially now that dragoncall build is struggling to keep up with helix build and a faster leach would have really helped with the rotation. As for people saying that u can still go seraph just for leach effect i say its not worth it to get a weapon that just gives you 3 sec less cd on leach and never procks 2 other necessary skill like the health regen and cd reset. Baleful is undisputed right now in comparison thanks to the damage increase prock and cd reset. I would much rather prefer to wait in Scorpio until next legendary. Honestly im not even motivated to go beyond Scorpio right now. Most that did go for legendary path is probably because they had nothing more too upgrade and just said *cricket* it lets go.
  13. Seraph vs Baleful [Refresh Buff Cooldown] NA/EU regions.

    No i think JP has it like that to. i spoke to Nadwah about it and he was surprised of the change on EU and NA. Sill doesn't change the fact that its a retarded change that basically *cricket*ed over several classes that wanted to go with a different build like warlock.
  14. Proof that Summoner is a hard class to play! kappa

    Everyone here talking about getting gold easy with any class but i struggle to get that gold on my warlock. VS kfm- 1 mistake is all it takes vs SF *cricket* that class. Its the warlock killer. Nothing i do reaches them. they just don't give a *cricket* vs SUM its gotten easier but u need those hm skill to even stand a chance. stealth constant pain in the ass cat resist skill. Rumblebies is the toughest match-up for now. VS BD. OMFG stop it with the resists. Bm is getting nerfed thankfully. FM can just get away from them but once Fire bm gets you u dead. I cant remember the number of matches i lost because of my 250ms ping+ the level of players in my server is really harsh. You can see silver players using gold tactics and top notch reactions. 1 SF once countered my tether blade with is 0.1 cast time i just couldn't believe my eyes. Constant pressure. dodged my leach and all stuns or high damage skills. This guy was silver. Easy matchups VS FM- quite easy to read and counter. travel time of projectile is slow and easy to deflect and daze VS destro- Mos desto don't realize that spin to win doesn't work on warlock and just risk it all. Hardest to fight destro are the ones who keep pressure with cc. VS sin- quite surprising if you realize that i have barely won through the skin of my teeth. Most use pve build which is honestly easier to *cricket* up. U just need to monopolize on that 1 mistake. 8/10 fights go the me in a sin matchup.
  15. Seraph vs Baleful [Refresh Buff Cooldown] NA/EU regions.

    I just want them to give seraph the same requirement as baleful like the other regions but they still dont get it how stupid it is for a weapon to prock on getting hit on a game all about avoiding hits. I thing they were going with balefull being pve content and white legendary seraph being PVP focused. Hopefully with the new pvp weapon they fix seraph requirements and make the main legendary path pve only and the new legendary pvp prock only