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  1. IMO you are looking at this from an off perspektive. The problem here is that the dungeon browser will coble together groups off wildly different experience levels sometimes. If you want to learn a dungeon while you are doing it, thats your choice and that's great. You can do that. No need to watch a guide or anything like that. The first time we weent in there with our guild, we did it blind too, on purpose. But please understand that not everybody in a randomly assigned group is going to feel the same way.
  2. Better, still sometimes not enough. Sure. But the cross server browser isn't exactly know for making well composed setups. And you need at least a somewhat descent shield to get to 50% crit. There are people queing for this in moonwater souls shields.. Besides that, I can't know how "good" people are from their AP or soul shield for that amtter. This is cynical I know, but I expect random players in the labyrinth to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Before I invest an hour of my time into a dungeon run, I want to be at least sure that the
  3. Could six random people with profane weapons clear the lab by themselves? No. They most likely couldn't. Meaning that every time you want to go in there witha a profane weapon, you are banking on others to make up the difference. That's what's ticking me off.
  4. You have a point. But I don't mind spending money for a product I like, I'm also not regretting buying into premium. None of us do. But I do think that NCSOFT should compensate players for lost premium time. Its not like this hasn't been done before. Heck.. Trion did it for ArchAge. Trion.. enough said.
  5. Well, yes it is. We've been unable to login for close to two hours now. and stuff like this happens a lot on EU.
  6. I can only speak for my friends and myself but we have literally lost days of premium time since release due to server issues. How about extending an olive bracnch to your paying costumer base and award everyone a few days of extra premium time as compensation? Heck, why not give it to free to play accounts as well, some of them might lkike it and stick arround. I don't think this is asking too much. Cheers Patric
  7. Endlessly being stuck in combat is one of the grat banes of MMO's. Ever since the WL release, it has gotten a lot worse. Because I have nothing better to do, I used the timer on my phone to reccord just how much time I spend stuck in combat while playing over the weekend on my WL. 27 minutes........ This has to be adressed. Especially in a game where you cannot progress through content if you can't sprint. Cheers! Patric
  8. I've had a number of guild members complain about crashing to desktop uppon receiving the soulburn buff during the Bloodmane encounter in BSH 4-man. Happened multiple times.
  9. Those are just a few letters. It's not like you need to interact with those people. You can even block them if you really feel like it. getting worked up over it is a waste of energy IMHO.
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