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  1. So its been a while since we got any new color pallets lately so just an ...youknow...an idea to just um...toss in there maybe we can get more color pallets and ya know...get BLACK!, not the off color black not dark grey im talking pure black. if we can get that as well as a color update id be happy
  2. OK so i have the old school oath neck at stage 9and i wanna upgraded it to 10 so i can salvage it for the crux for my prof. neck HOWEVER the breakthough neack is a oblivion necklaces which can be found in DT. My question is is there another place or a merchant that i can get this from besides DT
  3. thats stupid and makes no sense what so ever to have a pvp toggled on and off. you might as well have the pvp turnedoff or not have it there to begin with because your gonna have that one whale ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ that will oneshot a low geared player or someone that wants to use the event to progress and will abuse that toggle ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.and what they need to know is that not everyone loves doing pvp or get their progression stuff through pvp. if you are a person that love it good for you but i Detest blade and soul pvp. and i dont have the gold, mats ping,time nor the patience do deal with tha
  4. OK so a friend told me about a certain part of the event witch is stupid beyond hell and i need someone to certify for me. So when you go to the huge pvp/pve area and you have pvp turned OFF can people still attack you if they have pvp on?
  5. Well the thing is Blade and soul is a open world game however, with a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ton on wind stride points everywhere and the fact that you can wind stride for free now having a mountable pet has been on a back burner. And I feel like having a mount would be cool but right now they seem pointless to have just for the fact we got free wind strid for days. Now they can do 2 things Make a new class that can have a ride-able mount or turn into anything you want that grants you movement speed, or tweek the entire map to make it suitable to have a mount and maybe bring back paying to wind stride bu
  6. Ok first of, If i did join a BT raid with no gold split why would the person advertise that they were doing a gold split :thinking:. , 2 Unlike some people I can read and ask questions. I have never NEVER join a raid that dose not split the gold and complied that they don't do spiting gold. have people that was in that raid with me like AkkoS that was there when it happen. Ive sent out my own Screenshots to prove my point. So no HateMe i have nothing to blame myself for. So, with all with respect my friend...you can suck those dumplings.
  7. lol i mean its a good idea i think , and i wish it was implemented in the game
  8. Hey everyone So recently me and my party members have got scammed into getting a gold split in BT. the total amount of gold was 802g thanks to the ravenfall being bid at 700. Now i feel like if your join a pug raid you have to be more skeptical of joining a raid now and days. i have one solution that could work out this issu. Maybe have the lotting system exactly like the ones in dungeons?
  9. I CAN DREAM DONT RUIN IT FOR ME DAMN IT DX< but yeah i would say it will be either around the same piece as a costume stamp or a trove key
  10. well there stream had technical difficulties and the only thing we need is the Chromatic Thread + gold and they did post what we need on the page of blade and soul exept of how much the thread will be here http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/customize-select-cosmetics-in-the-tailor-shop/ but i highly doubt its gonna be 500 ncoins for one i think it will be around the same price as the trove keys or a bit less if i had to take a guess at it
  11. ok so after 2 full years of playing blade and soul we finaly get to have this option, i can finally make outfits -cough cough- Technomancer look way better!
  12. i wasnt really trying to single you are my dear sir and or mada'm im just starting my opinion and point. I dont have to quote you at all but if my special little snowflake wants to feel singled out stop being a little salty sardine about a lyn gunner and just deal with it take this as my gift to you. Merry Christmas!
  13. well there seems to be a lot of salt here. in my option i think its just the fact that they took 1 popular class and took the popular race whether there is a bunch of 15 year olds or not there's no poll,there's no proof only speculation. Now for me i like a lyn gunner even though im a 25 year old woman, yet i do want to see a gunner destroyer or warloc, or maybe even an assassin.Hell i would like to see a mix variety of classes between races but all that aside i think whats more important is we need a new that can share the skill soul burn. why? well take a look, both kfm and assassins s
  14. Ok, so before i start this complaint i want to let any moderator that is reading this is I already submitted my ticket, i DID NOT get of this issue FIXED AND ITS BEEN 3 DAYS! so please, DO NOT TELL ME GO SUBMIT A TICKET OR TELL ME ITS MY COMPUTER PROBLEM BECAUSE I KNOW ITS NOT. This stupid issue has been going on since you guys did the maintenance on Tuesday which was weird, ever since then i am having issues switching characters ,i am having issues going in the cross sever and just trying to get the loading screen there are times where i cant even put in my password let alone my p
  15. its something that they did on Tuesday for the maintenance and they need to fix it.
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