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  1. Any info if they acknowledge that and those who they were are their page have a chance to get the pack?
  2. Excuse me, but the "Register" button was not on their page when I pressed the link from the mail they sent me. I suppose there is some kind of bug OR they just treated us with a false advertise...
  3. Same here I came back after quite some time now, only because of this pack where I can have a char insta level 50 and after I log in into my Account there is no code to apply... Same thing happened to my friend who we play together...
  4. I have the same issue here. When I do dungeons no problem. I have almost all the time 50-60 FPS and I am playing with all Graphic settings at max. When I do world bosses where there are more than 25-30 players, especially when bots are involving.... OMG. I have 6-8 FPS max. I do not think its my machine though because even if I lower the graphic settings its the same (10-12 FPS max). I do not know if they can fix this... but you cannot do anything in the open world when you cannot react. For example the first world quest in the first new city of the expansion where you are waitin
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