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  1. @Uberior To be honest your language should be enough to get you banned. and @AttacKat i never claimed such a thing, i only said i would believe ncsoft over Uberior himself. I even mentioned how he has nothing to prove towards us but towards ncsoft.
  2. Yes people dont get banned for nothing, i have no obligation to believe your word. and from your weak slander i can conclude i am glad that you are not a part of the community anymore.
  3. As i said you don't need to prove shit toward me i believe you did do something to get yourself banned. And to eleborate any cash spend is seen as a donation towards the progression of the game, you are not entitled to anything if you change your cash to virtual currency.
  4. They can't scam you, there ToS doesnt allow it...
  5. You dont need to prove yourself towards us, if they banned you i would assume they would have a good reason for it(especialy if you pay for the game as you claim). Go make a support ticket and stop the qq on the forum.
  6. You apperantly either bought or sold gold outside the normal channels. and @TheRealElvis I got in the 1000's of gold trough legit channels, and have not been flagged.
  7. you apperantly did a real money trade which is against the ToS.
  8. Regarding legendary weapons

    there won't be legendary weapons next patch
  9. Warlock NERF

    Yea warlock should be OP compared to the other classes right guys ? GUYS ? Ofcourse its going to be balanced around the other classes... not doing so would be unfair.
  10. Daily Spin Suggestion

    You do get one extra spin as premium...
  11. They could atleast have put venture coins in it to make it worth while, or a nice valentine outfit for that matter. (even if low rng)
  12. Lyn Kung Fu Master Petition!

    No, just no lyn has more then enough.
  13. So basicly you gave us a event that is not even remotly worth doing and doesnt reward the player with anything worthwhile, Then for another fact you put these useless(which they are) quest items in a bundle box to get an extra 5$ on costume transactions. i cant believe ncsoft would sink so low.
  14. Haha saw you yesterday honing your skills at the dirty pigs, But to be honest im reaching way more dps using Shin kick LB F X Shin kick F add your own 4 hits here, turn it into an air attack and the opponent is at 15-20% already. Then again i am blessed with a ping of 6.