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  1. Game looked so beautiful at first glance, the end game content challenged the view I have of gaming in 2016, this should have never ended up in a enthusiast gamer's hands. Pros Pvp arena Nice idea to have everyone in a same platform, which is only limited in your dedication in game, hence hongmoonlevels. Unlockable skills, incredibly not balanced class skills which you will find out playing the competitive arena at high levels. 3v3 Cons No real balance between classes, skills seem to be just locked behind to reach their full potential. No customization for EU/NA class balance whatsoever regarding us being behind in patches. The Lag, gtx970 3570k should not have any issues running with *OPTIMIZE FOR COMBAT*
  2. If you have been holding back on upgrading your weapon, we encourage you to go ahead and upgrade. I encourage everyone not to take it too cereal
  3. Dont touch my stuff! Let us keep what we already bought once ncsoft
  4. This cant be right.. what a scam.
  5. REALLY picky players

    Destro, FM, Summoner ( 3 man group we farm bsh4 ), first few times we did it with true profanes, no ap diamonds.