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  1. i'm LF dedicated players, i'm not a hardcore BnS player anymore. but i'm dedicated player that want clear the latest content day 1. i'm not sure if you can understand my point. If we take example world of warcraft. hardcore guilds are mythic raiders. bellow that it's casuals guilds, these casuals guilds are dedicated and tells all their guild members to look up guides for bosses BEFORE the raid starts. Of course not everone does that because they are way to lazy and not a dedicated player.
  2. what about 4man the Mast and the new dungeon desolate tomb, is it a guild that actually looking guides, and know tactics day 1?
  3. not really, it's still cer.
  4. Nothing much to say, i want find a guild to do 4man dungeons. This is my gear right now: http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=DxD%20AkenoHimejima&s=206 I'm dedicated PvE player. Right now, i want to do the new 4man dungeons for gold. feel free ask questions, my in game name is "DxD AkenoHimejima".
  5. you made a great point there, now i can see how this could be a bad idé for EU/NA.
  6. why are you againts this game become p2p? you said earlier for 6 months ago it could be p2p, but now you want it stay f2p with p2w elements? sure some players who are f2p may not pay monthly but i think this is a win for ncsoft and for us players. i'm not a VIP anymore because it's really not worth it, only wardrobe is usefull in my mind. sorry for my english :)
  7. i don't think it's that bad of player base, sure in start it was alot more compare now, but i think it's still alot of players playing this game, and if we have monthly subscription and they don't have to rely on p2w boxes. it would be passive income for ncsoft and we may get better game exp. but i dunno, i think the one who knows best is ncsoft what they make most money from and ect ect.
  8. me, my guildies and my friends on Hao District - EU are f2p just because it's not worth being VIP, but if they make the game into P2P i would pay for it and my friends would too. so you mention expensive items, yes that is true, but we will get more gold and xp like in KR version ;)
  9. Like the title said guys, do you think the game should go from F2P to P2P with KR EXP?
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