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  1. i don't have a problem with big scenes. OC dat rig.
  2. This reeks as the most likely culprit, something that slipped through the cracks in their rushed importing of the game. This would also explain why the mods have been 100% silent. They know they screwed this one up big time. At least show some customer service skills and say 'wow this is bad I'm really sorry I'll try my best to make this a priority for the team' They probably assumed the people that paid for gem slots are the people that would have gotten true pirate before the patch. They evidently forgot the group of players that pay for gem slots yet level more slowly. This game is so hardcore grind-focused it's not even funny.
  3. *Sigh* as another steady-yet-casual player, I'm totally on board with OP. I didn't even like the lvl 45 dailies, I stopped playing when I hit them. Haven't had a chance to boot up silverfrost yet (see how casual I am, LOL) but OP's message is bittersweet. My biggest regret is I let myself buy a 1 year membership, all because of that dragon spirit costume. I look forward to testing out Silverfrost this weekend, but if it proves tedious and boring then it'll be an 'oh well' for me too. Thank goodness Killer Instinct drops on PC next week, real pvp, baby.
  4. stilll time to go for pirate wep? worth it?

    aahhh, tytyty! I'm squarely in the 2-3 hour a day boat and just got to lvl 45 + Mushin Tower. So I know the 'story' gets a bit more lax and now it's farmin time. Hopefully my Profane->Siren makes my limited time with this endgame content fun, and thanks to your post I won't stress about going all the way to pirate so soon.
  5. New outfits in Hongmoon store (Feb 26)

    hmm i'll have to see if i have that checked when i get on tonight, thx
  6. New outfits in Hongmoon store (Feb 26)

    can anyone post of a vid of a female walking/running fighting in it? i'm weird but if it doesn't flap around right, or flaps around obscenely then I'm gonna be mad I wasted cash on it. been mad I wasted time grinding for other costumes designed for fanservice flapping. bonus points if you're a female kfm
  7. How can you sell this NCSoft?

    usually you wouldn't see that in-game, since their back is facing you. I'm thinking about getting it, on the fence.
  8. New outfits in Hongmoon store (Feb 26)

    hmmmm.. I kinda like it... I *might* do it... but I'm not completely sold. One thing I hate about this game is that the preview function is half-arsed, and doesn't show you what it will look like in action. I've grinded for a few costumes that ended up being trash in action (the lvl 2 crimson female gon outfit comes to mind, fluttering buttflap and all that you can't tell would happen in the previewer). I appreciate the bns-fashion site that gives more angles, although action vids would be nice too. (i could help make these with my 1 little character)
  9. Impossible to create a new character

    Even spaces? I was pleasantly surprised to see I could have spaces in my name. this advanced tech, i tell ya
  10. New to BnS, Cant find a beginner's guide.

    In OP's defense, this game has a LOT of loose strings that are tricky to put together, and a true guide would be helpful. And even on the 'just search for a guide' thing... there's more outdated ones floating around from trying to translate KR/CN versions years ago than there are for NA/EU. so that's tricky too. this one hits all the major points for the vast majority of the game. and read my comment (yes, my comment, same forum name) at the very bottom of the thread bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/141261-quick-guide-for-beginners-lv1-45/
  11. wat, you no crimson? for shame...
  12. what's the point of this skill? I'm a kfm and I don't get why I should spec it. haven't seen others use it yet. are you invincible?
  13. Memory leak after todays patch.

    oooohh, THIS would explain why I went from no lag, to a little lag, to a ton of lag, to being DC'd over the course of a few hours. And I was the *only* one lagging horribly in a CS dungeon, which I do towards the end of my sessions. Next time I'll try the old restart the game thing if I notice some lagginess, I guess after a ram check.
  14. try closing ncsoft's little white box after the game loads up
  15. Disconnected from server. (1000)(132,10054)