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  1. Pretty sure if anyone bought a car without test-driving it, it'd be their own fault. <- This is Your quote from the "name change" post. Hypothetical and whining. In fact looking at the majority of your posts, you're in no position to accuse anybody else of sitting here whining.
  2. Do you ask your brain for compensation because you can't play BnS while you're asleep? That's YOUR choice to sleep. Maintenance of 9.5hrs is not your choice, but it is Your money you are losing. Do you ask your *cricket* for compensation because you gotta' take a dump? Now your being childish, I'm guessing you are around 10 by this statement. You aren't entitled to anything. You really need to stop acting like everyone owes you something. They don't. Erm.. actually in any other for of monetary transaction they would. If I sold you a broken PC that needed repairing twice in one week you would want compensating for loss of time.. if you wouldn't then you would be a "Mug".
  3. Don't talk rubbish. ToS generally are not worth the pixels they are written in.. SWTOR discovered that and had to back down. When a game is released it should be working to a "satisfactory" standard. BnS has been out a long time and has only needed to undergo localisation changes. If someone is paying for goods, which I suspect you're not, then they are charging for a working model. If you bought a car and it needed to go back to the garage twice in one week shortly after purchase then you would be entitled to compensation. I'm sure trading standards would tear holes through most ToS. I personally will not be paying for anymore premium if there is no compensation for loss of financial benefit, the very least NC should do is give back 9hrs to ALL premium players.
  4. Marketplace and F2 not working after maintenance

    Would be really helpful if your link worked ! :s I've suddenly been getting this since update. I've tried everything. Thing is I've noticed this problem is intermittent, which means it's server side, because NOTHING has changed on my PC from one hour to the next. This is game breaking for me too! Edit: Just logged in after doing a file repair that took 10 minutes, it's now 21:00 GMT and the Marketplace is working again. I will be checking again during busy times as it's beginning to look like it's server timeout issues due to volume. Edit: Played all day Saturday 30th Marketplace worked all day, until around 7pm UTC (peak server time EU) when suddenly it had gone again. It is definitely volume of server requests causing this issue and nothing to do with client side software or hardware.