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  1. Evolved Stone Availability

    You guys are celebrating too early. As many mentioned by now, not 100% chance means it's probably as bad as now. Like 1 evolved stone from 30 chests or something in that direction. Keep in mind you will need to wait 40 minutes for each chest. Let's see how the rates turn out to be. I don't think they are going to add something that really makes upgrading your soul possible. I hope they know, that with how it stands now upgrading the soul is something not a single "not-whale" player is even considering. The fact that it's upgradeable is useless to 80% of the playerbase (assuming most people that are still playing are not stuck at endgame for half a year) What I think is really funny though is that the meme I posted a few days ago didn't turn out to be very accurate. I wonder if ncwest looked at it. Bet they didn't.
  2. Pay2Win != Pay2Progress. But we are at pay 2 win right now. Soul is undoubtly purely upgradeable by paying absurd amounts of money. And the benefit it gives you skyrockets you above every average player in ToI, Mushins Tower and 6v6, all of them which make 80% of our rankings right now. The only 2 not gear carried rankings are 1v1 and 3v3. Wouldn't 6v6 be the one and only way to effectively farm moonstones, things wouldn't be that bad. Personally I don't care at all if someone in my party deals absurd amounts of damage. If anything it actually helps me do my dungeons faster after all. But regarding the evolved stone situation I'm pretty sure I know how they are going to fix it. That said... well. Rip moonstones.
  3. BnS goes p2w? - Öle

    Auf max? Ich spiele seit Release und meine Seele ist Stufe 2. Du kannst getrost sagen ein normaler Spieler schafft nichtmal die jetztige Seele auf Stufe 6. Werde das Teil niemals upgraden. Wie denn auch. Der einzige Weg die Öle wirklich zu bekommen ist RNG Boxen zu kaufen oder bei einem Trove Event 500 - 1000 Evolved Stones zu critten. ... Was beides mehr als 100€ Investition vorraussetzt. Lächerlich. Und überall gibt es diese Wannabes mit ihren "Ich mach ja so viel Gewinn obwohl ich gar nichts dafür mache meheh ist eh so einfach". Zieht euren Kopf aus dem Arsch und sperrt eure Kreditkarte. Kein Mensch schafft es mehr als 3k Gold zu erfarmen, es sei denn er hat bereits sein Equipment auf Maximum. Wenn man so viel Geld anspart weil man sich seine Raven Stage 6 über Visa erfarmt hat und keinen einzigen Grund mehr hat Geld auszugeben sollte man aufhören sich mit Leuten zu vergleichen die Daily Quests machen um an Geld zu gelangen. Mein nächstes Waffenupgrade kostet 3.5k davon habe ich momentan 2.8k. Wo sollen denn da 77k für die Seele Platz haben? €: Daran habe ich gar nicht gedacht. War eigentlich immer ein Vertreter der Ansicht, dass BNS nicht P2W ist. Aber ja, tatsächlich. ToI, Mushins Turm und (weniger als die anderen beiden - und vor allem wie eh schon immer) 6v6 sind durch die Seele wirklich unfair.
  4. Golden Lotus Chests

    I would like to sign up for one of those fleeso pets too.
  5. 90g to mail gems between characters

    With the half cost I would spent 30g for sending 3 gems to my alt and back to main. This essentially kills alts. This doesn't turn the sending of gems to a meaningfull decision, it kills the previous feature to send the gems to alts and turns it into the feature to get your gems to an alt if you are sure you want to reroll. Being able to send the gems to alts was a great feature. Replacing it with this restrictive system doesn't seem like a good decision to me.
  6. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Not happy about that change.
  7. Mystic Soul Badge Choice

    Hi. I have managed to collect enough Raven Feathers to buy a Mystic Soul Badge. However I'm not sure which one to take. I have soul badges for both builds shadow and ice alike. I bought the ice one because I see a lot of people using ice as WL and read about many people saying ice would be better. Personally I currently prefer to use shadow build and for the parts where I could test it, I reach slightly more DPS with shadow build (since the sb nerf) than with ice build. I highly doubt that I will be able to collect enough Raven Feathers ever again since I don't play regularly enough for BT raids. To add to the list: I don't have the legendary bracelet. Any tips would be appreciated.
  8. When releasing a new game you prefer to have everything break 1 day before launch instead of on the the of launch. So you are going to test if everything works 1 day prior launch. Which is what happened here. Having login or other issues at the launch of a new game would be a tremendous disaster.
  9. Awakened Skill FM

    Are you even playing this game? When you look at dps meter you will always see awakened dragon char on top dealing more damage than any other awakened skills. So I don't really get your point.
  10. Gem cost trade

    Since they are changing the gem system in a way that it - theoretically - is easier to obtain and upgrade gems, it would make total sense that they increase the amount of gold needed by a ridiculous amount. So yes, I really think you should worry. The reason why it doesn't hit me all that hard is that I didn't even expect them to be tradeable in the first place. I agree this is a big game changer for people who actually made the effort of leveling alts. I don't welcome this change and don't see a good reason behind it.
  11. Thank you NCSoft ( Latency )

    So they implemented the thing they said which improves the ping/feeling of speed? Because my ingame ping lowered significantly and my attacks seems much more fluent than before. I thought it was just a lucky day of my internet not being used by other people. If so, thank you very much /please
  12. Question about Today’s Specials – Costumes

    Pretty sure that's the case. But also not pretty sure because they explicitely said they don't intend to rerelease sets and therefore lower their "value" (something that some people really care about)
  13. irritated new player

    Must be solely your fault. Either you have used websites which you weren't supposed to use - which I don't think is the case - or you have a virus/more specifically a keylogger. Never had an issue with this.
  14. Literally 1 day before nerf. Also there is a seperate forum for pvp. Tomorrow over all dmg of aircombo will be strongly reduced, air combo cd will be increased, soulburn will be almost useless in PvP and some other small changes which also target the PvP aspect. They will be almost useless in PvP again, so no worries. Long long time ago BD had the same ability to kill you during air combo which lead to the great issue of tab escapes being useless. That got dealt with super fast, so they are aware of the problems :)
  15. Is there anyone who got more infos on this? I assume this means that the price will gets so ridiculously high that I can't send my gems around my characters anymore. Maybe someone knows how it is in KR right now?