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  1. SPTS transmutation %

    you are the first person ive ever heard of failing 12/12 O.O im 13/25
  2. Lack Of Repair Fires

    buy field repair tools :D
  3. No clan Management functions

    You sir probably made a social clan, which does not allow you to access those features. you might need to go ahead and recreate a clan to the competitive clan setting instead of social clan, so that you will be able to access those features (its a new thing with the new patch)
  4. Cold Storage Weapon

    u are able to but the ice weapon chest from the merchant in cold storage that appears right after u kill winter mane
  5. imo i really don't think its worth it. i don't even use pierce on my BM
  6. How to obtain Lycan Heart

    It was apart of the fortnightly rotation in f10, its no longer available atm if u want it they might bring it back in the future but for now u cant get it
  7. Yun Class

    how bout no
  8. Yun Class

    i dont like that idea of all classes being for every race, an exclusive class for a race shows their personality and what that race excels in if we are gonna make all the classes available for race just delete 3 of the races and be done with it. there would be nothing to really make the races feel special at that point and as such u don't need 4 of them
  9. Yun Class

    personally i think locking a class in a gender in this case is fine, i would love to play BD but playing a little furry rabbit isnt my thing. and i have to just deal with it and get over it, so giving yun a exclusive class is doing the same with race locked classes telling ppl to deal with it. I think having a race in the game and giving them nothing is worse, u might as well remove them from the game at that point
  10. New Player with Cash Store Questions

    premium membership does offer a few QoL, increased exp and reduced cost for some items (there might be more im not sure) but as someone who has been playing for awhile i can tell that for the earlier lvls, there has been a tonne of improvements towards QoL reduced upgrade cost (like massively reduced) increased exp from story quest and upgrade material being attached to story quest to help u along quickly i have lvl'd up a new char to lvl cap (50) 1 week ago and it took me 2 days to power lvl it to that point (i cheated where uprading is concerned i just sent gold from my main and blasted through upgrades) but still as a fresh player i would say it shouldn't take u very long to catch up o/ maybe 4-8 days ( depends on how much time u put in i guess)
  11. BladeDancer ThreatSkills

    1 of the 2 classes capable of allowing ppl to use their restraint skill and a party iframe pretty good damage and u still want more? i dunno but just like u BD players i see in game always want something more u guys have alot yet u just keep wanting more
  12. the letter should be bellow ur map along with a list of quest u have active
  13. Blackram Narrows solo ?

    i solo'd narrows at lvl 22 back in january, matter of fact i solo'd everything leading up to the lvl cap at that time (45)
  14. So I started playing again...

    the reason why u aren't seeing any1 while lvling is cause almost every1 is at the current end game as for the bots there aren't that many bots in 1v1 as for 3v3 that has alot of bots. i personally haven't came a cross a bot in 1v1 in like forever and yes ppl do just go afk in arena its cause they are usualy looking for a match up that there class should have a easy time beating, its quite pathetic actualy.