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  1. I used to play, but all the repetitive farm slowly burned me out. I had to abandon this game even though I invested money, because it simply wasn't enjoyable anymore. If you enjoy grinding in and of itself, then you will possibly have a good time. But, if you grind as a means to an end, in this case, for top-tier gear, then you're not going to like what this game turns into.
  2. As of the most recent patch, I cannot recommend anyone to start playing this game. Unless you're specifically looking for a game where you can suffer in (end game), do yourself a grand favor and pretend this game doesn't exist.
  3. Actually, the 1 week membership via Student Bundle is only available once per account. After that, the 30 days membership is the cheapest option, which is about $12.
  4. This is probably going to happen every single maintenance.
  5. Well said. I paid $5 for the student pack during the first week in order to skip most of the queue, and needless to say, it felt well worth it. Now that the queue no longer exists, however, there is really nothing enticing about getting the membership. Unless you're like that one guy who does 40 dailies every day, the membership benefits are entirely negligible. I'd suggest adding a membership discount on everything in the Hongmoon Store (the costumes in particular, maybe 20%), and making the wardrobe shared across the account.
  6. Absolutely deplorable that they included non-cash items inside the RNG box.
  7. My real gripe with summoner is how their sunflower hits me like a damn meteor while I have to do anicancel as an assassin to even achieve a comparable dps.
  8. I had premium for 1 week, but that ended today. The only difference I noticed was the 1 less spin at daily dash and the little icon that left the side of my name.
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