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  1. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    I don't think I've seen NC coin card in Toronto, unless I'm blind, I still just want my original account back, I spent way too much time levelling 2 char to 45 already, I don't have the energy to level another to 45 again this soon. If my acc does get banned, and they've not refunded everything including my paypal payments, then they are committing fraud correct? Why would they lock and only partially refund some payment, but not all if they detected that ALL was suppose to fraudulent payments? I'm very confused of their way of handling the refund/fraud detection. so paypal payment they took, and never refunded to me, but only partially refunded my debit card payment, which is like huh? why not a full refund if all was found "fraudulent".
  2. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    Arenanet is known to have better support, and actually listen to player base, just look at how popular Guild wars 2 is, and still have expansion coming out, is because the dev and support team do stuff!!! I know this is still early release for the game, but if support is this bad already, and they didn't anticipate this knowing they launch like 6 other different game with probably the same type of issue is a little absurd don't you think? By 2016 I hope they know how to deal with game launches and not use that as a excuse for poor support.
  3. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    I'm still waiting for my refund for my paypal payments, and the 25$ they still have yet to refund for my debit credit card visa. If in the case I get the hammer too, since i'm still watiing for a reply, I would like at least all my money back if that's the case. I didn't do anything wrong here and I don't think @Jomsviking did anything wrong either. we are Legit players trying to play this game, and support it by buying NC coin, and we get slap in the face by them with a ban hammer, lol. Edit: oh yah I'm just using my 1 paypal with my account, so no problem there with paypal payment lol, but my only debit credit card got issued refund for 4/6 of my payments which is really weird, why not refund all 6?
  4. their current partnership with Digital river is terrible, but I don't know if steam would want NC to be partners, because NC like to handle the transaction them selves, Digital river is just like a middle man for the money that's all, which is like why even go through a middle man lol.
  5. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    I got the same issue, my PAYPAL payment made to NC, was not refunded, everything is cool, the payment I made with DEBIT VISA CARD, was refunded, most of it anyways not all yet. and I got the lock hammer. This is not a problem with us, since I did not issue a refund my self, I even went to ask my bank if they issued a refund or saw my payment was a problem, and they said NO. This is mistake made by ncsoft banning legit players who actually want to support their game.
  6. that's the way I used to pay with paypal, it was directly transferred from my bank account, those payment is still not refunded, so they didn't detect that as fraud, but my credit/debit card was? why is it that I switch a payment method I instantly get blocked
  7. actually Paypal don't seem to have a problem, its the debit/visa card that's the problem right now I think, all my paypal transaction I've done on my account, is still not refunded, and now I lost my disciple pack which i pay 120$ CND for, not just 75$ USD like it was advertised.
  8. they are banning, and refunding legit people who are just trying to play the game, I've been sitting here for 2 days can't even play when I'm taking TIME OFF FROM WORK to play this *cricket* game, I'm paying them money to play this game and the treatment I get in return is a lock. I'm not making money, and i'm losing money just playing B&S is pretty stupid.
  9. Account got lock after disconnect from game

    many people with the same issue idk
  10. I have to put in my 2 cent here as well. I have been playing since the 15th, we got lucky and got a recipe drop from brightstone within our guild group run, so we started to make money, we had a lot of cash coming in and everyone was upgrading their weapon to true profane. now for this to be possible, I bought around 12k NC and sold it for gold to start our craft, not all at the same time, but that's the total amount, I bought them in like increment of 50$ and 20$. I wanted to level my premium to Level 9 as well, so this was a good way for me to spend my points. Day before yesterday I got email saying I had a refund confirmation from NCsoft, which I DID NOT REQUEST, I paid with a VISA DEBIT CARD issue by my bank, I check with my bank both YESTERDAY and TODAY, and also OVER THE PHONE!!! and they said this payment had no problem what so ever going out, so this is problem is with NCsoft, not me, or my bank. Now I got a couple refund in my bank that I didn't even issue like this guy had, according to his email I might get something similar back, but the thing is I also paid with Paypal as well, and they did not refund me any of that money. They also did not refund FULL of all my debit card purchases, I'm still owe about 25$ PLUS another 100$ on paypal, PLUS the money I spent on a disciples pack for my account. If I'm being issue a refund, I expect to be full since I've done nothing wrong, and all the payment I pay was made in full, not in credit with my bank, aka I had the money when I made the payment. I tried to reach out to Digital River, which is the company NCsoft use for merchandise, they told me, they cannot give me any info on my refund, even tho they are the one that are issuing these. They also said NCsoft controls all of that, they are the only ones able to assist me with anything. Guess what? They don't give you a phone number to reach them by, they only give you a email address to send ticket via. this is pretty bad business pratice for NCsoft despite being how old they are. I do use a VPN like WTfast, and sometimes Battleping when WTfast connection is crap, I've had no issue for 2 weeks, then this? Yesterday right after the maintenance, I played for about 30min and I was dced, try to log back in, got hit by the login failure error 37something, so I went to check the website and it said my account was locked due to suspcicious activity. now IF you know me ingame you know I just play all day long, half of that time I spent sitting in town doing like nothing, other half is just me doing dailies, I don't bot, I don't even use naga razor, I use a naga mamba which has NO SIDE BUTTONS!!! I'm not sure what I've did as well to receive a lock too, and I LIVE IN CANADA! I'm paying like 1.6x the money just to play this game as well, this is pretty shitty for us canadian when this happens yo. Edit: I forgot to mention my bank also is charging me extra charges to have these funds put back into my account for some reason, each time this happen they take 5$ which is ridiculous. so far this already cost me 20$ from the refund they gave me.
  11. WTFast cause account to be banned?

    my WTfast is connected to US IP, how can this mistaken me for the damn bot IP? I don't understand, they actually did say somewhere on twitter that WTfast is allow and supported, If I remember correctly.
  12. WTFast cause account to be banned?

    just got a reponse from support saying they are "working on it".....I don't even have a email from them stating what I got locked for.
  13. So I was just casually playing this morning, and I've been playing since launch on the 15th. 30min after the maintenance or so I get a dc, try to relog get an error from the launcher, okay np. I try to log into the site, now it said my account is locked due to suspicious activity, what? It seems quite a bit of people with the same problem here. My main IG on Mushin is Dizzynow, I don't bot, I don't use any mouse with extra buttons, I use VPN like WTfast to play. I play almost 18+ hours a day right now because I can. how can this even get me banned? I've spent over 300$ worth of NC Coin in the past 2 weeks on you guys, and this crap happens what? Why is services like WTFast getting me banned when you guys said this program is allowed? this is pretty ridiculous.