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  1. Battlegrounds!

    This would be amazing to have! At least something like defend a point, capture flag or even set and defuse bomb type :3
  2. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    Once you put on that Cerulean or Crimson uniform you should know to accept your fate.
  3. [OPINION] PvP etiquette

    I do not attack unless attacked. My usual speech before passing another enemy clan member: "Hello brother/sister, I am a wandering student and do not wish to fight. If you wish to attack I will have to defend myself." I do not finish off my enemy unless he/she disrespects me. If you attacked me while turning in quests or hanging around town, expect to be hunted until you decide to press "3" and hide. I'm a fair fighter but once you cross that line it's over.
  4. Wicked ~ PvX/RP Clan

    Hello! The friendlist is down right now but I'm interesting in joining this RP guild! IGN: Motoko Wakahisa I'm only level 10 if that's okie? :3