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  1. Welp, i have to say this just cleared out a lot of things for me, you have no idea how much i appreciate it, will definitely strive to this. And in regards to classes, well, i used to main destro / bm, but now, after reading forums a little bit apparently destroyers are not that much of an appreciated class these days, from what i understood in raids people look up more to find kfm / assasins and honestly i always wanted to play kfm even though i know it's one of the most dificult classes to play, i like challenges so i might be maining one, never did before because i felt intimidated by th
  2. Hello everyone, basically like the title says, i'm a returning player, only difference is that this time i brought my girlfriend into this (muahaha) and we are basically starting from 0, i used to play long time ago, actually i played bns ever since launch day but i stoped like year and a half ago i think somewhere around when sogun's lament was endgame (? can't remember exactly, but it was around there, i noticed there are tons and tons of new content and new things, and i feel lost now, long story short i'm seeking some advices about what should we do when we hit max lvl ¿ ( i think it's 55?
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