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  1. Lol, Give me your char xD That bug is usually at it finest around basin
  2. What bothers me the most , they tend to reset when they are about to die. like barely any HP left for them to live and baaam.. full HPagain -___- And if im in solo area? :D BNS the only game where a Force Master have to go melee to kill. >.< We are ranged chars for reason.
  3. I had this bug for a long time now, but it became worse and worse when the silver frost area came out. The mobs keep resetting while I'm attacking them, And just to let you know 1- I'm not Warlock (Cause they known to have this bug) I'm actually a Force Master. 2- No I don't kite far away from the mobs, Sometimes I'm even going face to face on them yet they reset. 3- Sometimes the mob even got reset 4 freaking times while I'm attacking it continuously. 4- A friend of mine have the same problem but he is Warlock, so ya.
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