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  1. Please make sure you use the readme first before moving the files. Note this fix is only temporary come tomorrow ncsoft will either fix the distributable or the corrupted bsengine file that is in question. or were doomed
  2. heres the fix guys let me know if this doesnt help
  3. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Alright hopefully NCsoft won't rage at me releasing this fix but anyways ill take the risk. If you are getting logo crashes still the corrupted file is the bsengine_Shipping_.dll and heres a link to the fix's the bsengine.rar file make sure to click on the readme inside. Let me know if this fixes the game for you.
  4. Blackwyrm / Terror FPS issues

    I never had this issue with fps drop till about 3 updates ago so its definitely an optimization issue that they need to resolve. running 980ti currently
  5. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    Hey Guys my friend did extensive troubleshooting and hes a very skilled programmer if your still getting the logo crashes send me a message
  6. 2 weeks of not being able to play...crash crash crash

    Sent you a message contact me I may have a fix for you

    hey man sent you a message I had the same problem and finally got a friend to troubleshoot(he's an extremely skilled programmer) and he came up with a solution message me back and I can send you details
  8. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    yea ive been out of the game for over 5 days now same issue as before and IM getting nowhere in my support ticket this is obsurd
  9. Game does not Launch

    your not the only ones here guys Ive been stuck out of the game for over 5 days now with the crash after the logo
  10. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    yea i already did what your thread suggests before you even posted that haha I had a professional troubleshoot my comp for 3 hours and we came to conclusion that the only fix is on their end so NCsoft hurry please
  11. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    still not working after everything possible that could be done. (Bump)
  12. Crash Report On Start Up Client

    All you can do if youve already attempted re-installing the game after whiping all files and deleting all razer products from your computer. fresh restarting making sure there's no 3rd party services running at all and attempting multiple different techniques to troubleshoot the game is to send a support ticket in which will take days for a response and attach your dxdiag.txt to it so they can see your specs
  13. Crash Report On Start Up Client

    I went through extensive troubleshooting with a friend and came to the conclusion that it is something in my case that involves windows 10 and gameguard and must be fixed on their side of the launcher so there is literally nothing that can be done.
  14. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    attempting to redownload the game hopefully that works
  15. BnS crashs after I click play now.

    yea its definitely not razer i went through hell to delete every single file and every document regarding razer and the processes services etc and im still getting the crash report after the play button sigh. This seriously is demoralizing and is a re-occuring event