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  1. Hello ive typing in say also know as chat bubbles above your character if i see someone i can walk up to them and say hey whats up? they look at me and just keyboard turn and run away? wtf is up with that?. Is it caus its f2p and most people cant speak English?. Whats the deal? i tought you played mmorpgs to meet other players and get friends in it?. Why the hell is none replying? same in Region chat only *cricket* gold Sellers saying something at least not a singel player. In faction chat you get flammed as soon you say something *cricket*ing moba Community this is one reason for me to quit the game tbh. I quit Wow caus it Went "solo mode" you did Everything solo you were in no need of other players. Garrison was a *cricket* solo lobby your npcs were your new friends. People speak the *cricket* up when someone is greeting you why the hell play mmorpgs otherwise.
  2. Stuttering, Long loading, Audio out of sync, No friends

    I got the same problem micro stuttering all the time no fix in the horizont?
  3. Hello i was gona rename my Clan name i deleted it and then tryed to recreate it but it said alrdy taken. What bs is this? whats the cooldown to get it removed? 1 week? 1 year? complete bs devs need to remove this if i delete my clan i should be able to recreate it no mather what.
  4. I'm curious on what server in eu has most population? when i create a character i cant see if its "full" hig-medium-low etc?. In otherwords im guessing if its crowded or not?. I also wondering if there is any "hig" populated server that majority of people can speak english and not their moderation languages in chat would be lovely. Flammers and trolls can be my toilet paper so dont bother.
  5. How to progress to rank 2 clan?

    Nvm i found out that you need to "Deposit" the gold and asignas into the clan bank in order to progress.
  6. Hello im wondering how i can progress to rank 2 in a clan? it says i need 10 faction Asignas and 1 gold and 2+ members i have all that but i still cant progress any ideas?
  7. Hello i have this issue with the game i get Micro-stuttering fps drops. When i move my character or turn the screen it some times stutter for 0.5 sec and dropping from 80 fps down to 40 for a split second very annoying. I also have insane long loading screen when i try to logon to character loby it takes 5-6 minutes to load into that. And last i have this weird bugg i cant see players or npcs name above their head cant see where to turn in quest etc, but when i left click on mouse aka attack i see the names for 2-3 sec and then gone after i stop. Some times i solve it by reloging or enter an instance back and forth or trying to alt tabb in and out very frustrating. Anyone have a clue on whats going on? or can you send me to a similar post i would appreciate it. My drivers are up to date and heres my Computer spec. AMD FX (tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz 16,0 GB Ram x64 system windows 10 pro Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250 G Sata disk Device Screen Monitor Benq 27 inch 144 hz 1 ms Plz advice.