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  1. upgrading weapon system is such a pain

    The first one can even be found in the Marketplace (this game's version of an Auction House). Not sure about later ones, but never had any troubles finding them.
  2. Could I use this to lock the game to, say, 30FPS?
  3. Let's delete all the posts in this thread that a) ignore the "Free players get ZERO copper from killing mobs. Bug?" part of the OP or b) Pretend that premium is the ONLY way to drop NCoins in this game Suddenly, only 3 pages instead of 11.
  4. My KFM is now level 28, and I have yet to see ANY money drops from mobs. When exactly is this supposed to start?
  5. YOUR solution was "just bind your buttons through the ingame menu" which is not a solution, since it just doesn't work.
  6. Do you have extra buttons on your mouse? Try binding them. Because the game won't accept mine.
  7. By that logic, you're not allowed to have mouse drivers running while playing the game.
  8. I'm a free player at level 27, and I got 3 silver to my name.
  9. Game bugged or something

    How long did you wait? Depending on the server load, it can take up to 10 minutes for the game to get beyond this point.