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  1. Hey guys, Im new here, just got the game 2-3 days ago. I've enjoyed it so far, but I just noticed that I got massive lag issues, decided to download pingplotter, and also checked up with resource monitor in windows, my ping is always high in the 150-200ms region. I've read the forums for a bit, it seems that the EU servers should be located in Frankfurt Germany. I did a speed/ping check on Frankfurt servers via and I get 30ms. So why is it that in game im getting such massive latency? Anyone has an idea how to fix this or maybe to improve it a bit? Should i try another EU server or will it be the same anyway? Thanks
  2. Anyone managed to find a fix for this?
  3. Well it seems that the Staff isn't monitoring this forum even after 55 replies here, so I guess there is nothing we can do about it. =/
  4. Yup, pretty much same here ;) and not only MMO's but other games too like CSGO and stuff... never over 50ms anywere.
  5. I don't really understand what you are trying to say, but I will tell you this: Yes you can play with 150ms+ ping, but you can't enjoy PvP at it's fullest. Because you will lose DPS because of the high ping. Also in dungeons and stuff, is also not good. Like I said, you can play with such high ping, but you cant enjoy the full potential of the game. And since B&S is more known for the awesome PvP rather than PvE, ping is highly important.
  6. Yep support is useless, they always blame you. Funny how everyone has these problems and is definitely their fault and not ours. Also this thread has now close to 50 replies but yet no sight of a mod/gm explaining or giving us a solution to this. GG NCsoft.
  7. It seems that you misunderstood the situation. 3 IP's are from NA that are used for chat/char info/etc. 1 IP Is showing that it's in Germany. The problem is that the German IP also has 150ms or so ping, for players in the EU. I don't need a confirmation about the other NA ip's that are used for different things, I wanted someone to explain what's with the lag on the EU ip. I hope that clears it out for you. Also now I'm hungry for kebab, so I gotta go in the cold and get one :(
  8. Yep, I even send them some tweets on twitter, no reply yet, and I'm sure they've seen my tweet. I didn't even bothered with support coz most of the times you get a basic reply which pretty much is: "It's your fault, not ours" Meh.
  9. Seems like that's the case. Anyway I think I won't play this game anymore until a few weeks/months or so, and maybe they will get time to fix it. I really like the game its awesome, but it sucks playing it with lag specially in pvp. EU players shouldn't have lag on EU servers, specially people from Germany where the servers are lol.
  10. Most of us are not using wtffast tho and still have problems =/
  11. Oh wow, that's even worse being from Germany and having lag :(
  12. An explanation from them would simply be like this: The NA servers you are connecting are for Auction House / Char/ Cross server dungeon, and you are playing on EU server for the other tasks. Instead of a real answer with some fixes maybe for this problem, we will get a basic reply as above. So yeah, it's definitely something going on.
  13. Well guys, I thought I was the only one with this problem when I opened the thread, it seems there are a lot of us that are experiencing the same symptoms. Still kinda weird that there is no reply yet from NC.
  14. Yes it seems that's the case. Altho some mod or someone else will probably argue with us saying that the 3 other IPs are soupposed to have a high ping because the chat/char info/etc is stored on US server, they won't explain why we still have lag with the actual gaming IP which is located in EU and we shouldn't have any problems with it. Meh, I don't think we will get any answers, specially since threads like this exists since closed beta days, so I'm gonna give up ;)
  15. Viridian Quartz

    Played MMO's for over 10 years, never seen such a badly designed crafting and economy experience as in B&S. When someone on the forums suggests that the nodes spawn time should be lowered, everyone is saying: "OH NO THAT WILL RUIN THE ECONOMY". What economy? The one used by bots that are camping these nods? Also every decent MMO out there has between 1 to 10 minutes node spawn time, and their economy is great. The economy will also be changed in a few weeks months anyway, since most of the players just now started joining after the realease, everything will be cheaper soon, not to mention with all the work the bots are doing. Bottom line, change the nodes respawn time and improve the crafting/gathering system, don't tell me about economy, because every MMO out there has economy that is changing constantly either by the players or by the GM's so that's not an issue.
  16. Stand by deletion

    Lmao thats kinda silly. Is there a reason for this? I was frustrated for having to wait 5 minutes when I deleted an alt, but 6 days? Damn son.
  17. Typo: You cannot use the Daily Dash anymore

    I saw it too, but I thought it was reported already and the GM's know about it. :D But indeed it was confusing at first until I figured out.
  18. Banned

    It's silly how you can get instantly banned if some player reports you as a spammer. Just the other day I've seen someone threatening another player that he/she will report him if he didn't agree with him or something like that.
  19. It's kinda hilarious that I have to create another char just to be able to play the game without lags. Thank you for the suggestion but I don't know if I want to start a new char again now, since we can't even trade items (mail is bugged and cant send items to alt). Oh well guess it would be best to stop playing for a while until some issues gets resolved. Shame, it seems like a great game and I've waited for this to be available to EU/NA for a while.
  20. Yes I already did that, thats why I posted that I have 150ms, I've checked it with resource monitor in windows + PingPlotter tool for the IP. This is bad, and it seems I'm not the only one with this problem. =/
  21. Yeah same here, I dont understand how other people in game dont have any issues yet some of us do. My internet is very good both in terms of ping and download (100mbs to 300mbs download, and I know download speed doesnt count) My ping in my country is also 0-5ms. To frankfurt is 30 or low. This is weird to say the least.
  22. Same here. No idea whats going on. Always when trying to change characters, this pops up. Annoying to say the least. Since I have to wait another 10 minutes to get back in game (always stuck 5-10 minutes at login screen after entering code).