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  1. Summoner who got Diamond spamming 1

    and he will send his 150 soulstones/day to his main account without worries.
  2. Blackwyrm howl range

    Known issue and was reported many times. +1
  3. PVE Players Also need soulstones!!!....

    and if i don't have gold? and my cap is 20g/day and all this after selling the poor 25 soulstones that i made from faction dailies... bottom line, PVE i waste way more time to make 100G from PVP, that what im trying to say....
  4. PVE Players Also need soulstones!!!....

    farm tears? you know that ppl set 1.3-1.5g on them in dungeons which bring you into 0 selluing profit? all take them for craft. like tears drop evrywhere lol
  5. As PVE player i don't want go Arena do PVP to earn my 60 soulstones (x2 Sackks), As PVE player max i can do a day is 25 soulstones and that also required from me do 10 open world trash PVP and run from place to place while arena stay one place.... Make Normal 45+ zone mobs some chance of drop Soulstone, it's unfair to force PVE ppl join Arena in order to make soulstones.
  6. Cats, cats and more cats....

    Cry, cry and more cry..... Summoners are weak and easy to beat class, its fun to PVE with that class and this is the only reaspon ppl playing it,.
  7. It has been a great month in this game.

    i was about to quit as well before the mushin Update, now they holds me again before quitting with Warlock, and there ill probably quit. the game generally boring.
  8. its the way all using it, nothing new...