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  1. So ppl are saying 'Stop waiting the servers on your pc like tard, go do something'. And I decied to do something different instead of waiting on my pc. Lets take a look at what i did while waiting the servers. for central european time; At 12:00 I went to sleep At 12:30 I wake up Till 13:00 I did some exercise till 13:15 I tried to figure out my rubic cube. at 13:30 I went outside and hang out a bit then I back home. at 14:00 I drink some tea and ate some food. at 14:30 I went to my balcony and drink some tea. at 14:45 I read a book and drink 2 cups of tea. at 15:00 I went outside again and drink some tea in a cafe. at 15:35 I back home and back to my pc and drinking a tea. Maintenance still not end. And I think I'm addicted to tea instead of bns.
  2. Game won't start

    Sauron is watching you
  3. After maintanence, I wanted to play WoW. After I say 'hello' to guild chat, I quit the game. Now I'm waiting for BnS lol. Okay lets be honest this game is freaking awesome, but its so boring when they close the servers for 5 hrs in the middle of the day. I still need to upgrade my ring but meh I dont even want to play. I just want BnS <_< Just wanted to share this with you goys. Thanks for listening, now Alexis El Pucinos De Santas will talk about something important. Lets call her.
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Unlimited block and an addon like this http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/bad-boy :D