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    I hate pink. I sincerely hate the color. But... damn I enjoy how she looks like <__<;; What's wrong with me.... XD

    The last picture is so cute XD <3
  3. Had some fun with my partner's and my character >/////> *whistles* Faelan hugging Faeritae <3
  4. 120 letter

    Keep it simple; people's attention time span is short ;)
  5. Yoku says Hi! ;)

    I was thinking about opening up for some B&S commissions, since I've been waiting for this game for quite a long time. I can't obviously get enough of it, haha X) So yeah; feel free to leave a comment, note or contact me on my Deviantart :) I will leave some related arts riiight here <3 Full color/well shaded: Rough sketch: Outline: Name: Faeritae Server: Starfall Crater Clan: Crit Happens
  6. Yoku says Hi! ;)

    Thank you :)
  7. so forcce masters and the ugly bangles

    Bangles and ribbons are awesome! Just sayin' ;D
  8. Why is Plague Hollow even a party dungeon?

    It's a difficulty thing; there are several difficulties in this game for dungeons. Normal, heroic etc. Means pretty much anyone could solo a normal dungeon, whilst heroic level ones need a party x) Besides, the game can advise what's best for you but it doesn't mean you should follow all advises ;)
  9. Einloggen

    Gut. Nicht nur mein Problem! Das beruhigt x) War bloß vorher eben nie so gewesen, deswegen war ich auch ein wenig verwirrt XD
  10. Lyn is best race

    Thought I'd post a 'cool' looking Lyn of mine here x)
  11. Open-PvP - Eure Meinung!

    Ich finde das System klasse. Willst pvp'n? Trage das Kostüm des Ordens oder der Legion ;) Willst du es nicht? Dann lasse es. Ich finde es eigentlich super angenehm, denn so umgeht man nutzloses PK'n ;P
  12. Spiel startet nicht

    Okay, also bin ich da nicht alleine cool xD Der Bildschirm mit den 'Agree' 'Decline' Regelwerk und Bedingungen taucht einfach nicht auf x)
  13. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    It's a PvP and PvE game; don't wish to PvP just don't wear the uniform man xD