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  1. assassin is too op

    Just use an aoe skill...? Idk I've never fought an assassin, but it sounds like that would just break their stealth?
  2. Really? When I was trying to get my gauntlets I got every single weapon BUT the gauntlets. I kid you not I had like 10 of each kind. Then I got my freaking gauntlets as a drop, NOT FROM THE CHEST, about 40 runs later.
  3. Nice attempt

    But I want to have my faction chat on :(
  4. Lyn is best race

    No stahp. That's why I kill all Elins I come across in open world. Love pvp ♥
  5. Honestly, level 20 will stop a good chunk of them. Getting to level 20 is time consuming. And those bots that do bother to get to level 20, if they get blocked, all that effort to get to level 20 is gone. That's what TERA did and it worked out. I rarely saw a gold spammer there. 10 is a cake walk.
  6. Lyn is best race

    Reminds me of Elin from TERA. I hate Elin, therefore I hate Lyn. Logic?