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  1. Game breaking summoner bug

    Escape ability is not defences.
  2. Game breaking summoner bug

    So sommoners have insane game breaking bug, when their cat sits on me i cant use my main escape, its just have grey color and i cant use it. Ive noticed that it happening when im casting my 2 (im assasin) and pet uses hes CC in this time, but not always, so its probably is not the main reason. Anyways, this bug just changing whole match and if it happens (30% of matches) this is guarantee loose.
  3. Account Authentication Failure

    Now im getting: SystemErr - (2000 : Character Login Failure) NetworkErr - (133) WSALastErr - (0) RITO, wait, NC PLS I HAVE ONLY 3 MORE HOURS TO PLAY!
  4. Account Authentication Failure

    Win 7, no updates (only some media center stuff), same problem.
  5. Account Authentication Failure

    Same :( Started like 15-30 min ago
  6. Stupid maintenance time

    At least they started to do it earlier, its much better then it was 1 week ago. But i still dont understand why they cant do 2 maintenances, 1 for EU at EU night time and 1 for US at US night time.
  7. I was expecting some problems, but this is too much even for me. You have maintenance during the day, im working at the evening and sleeping at the night. Ty NC that i could play at least 2h before maintenance! So insane prices for donate and you cant even scheldue maintenance right.
  8. NA vs EU

    /facepalm Im not gonna explain you nothing, as i sayed, just look at bigger companys, somehow they are doing maintenance in different times, which depends on region. Almost 10h of maintenance at day in last 3 days is just ridiculous.
  9. NA vs EU

    An they have EUROPEAN servers. Looks at other companys before saying stupid things.
  10. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    Again 5h of maintenance, almost half of the day! I was thinking you will have maintenance once per week but 2 times in last 3 days? Rly?
  11. [EU] Bad Maintenance Time

    I understand that you guys are US company, but you really should wach at companys like blizzard and riot for example, who have much more exp in things like this. I was really surprised that you have EU servers but there is no announcement of maintenance in CET time (only PST and UTC), and of cource maintenance in the midde of the day is really furstrating too. Sure, nobody will die because of this but its really shows the level of company, how they care about small details like this (dont wanted to say that NCS is bad company, etc). I hope you guys will do something about this.