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  1. Hi, I wanted to know a question about expandable objects in the game.When I started playing I did not know or did not understand the importance of the initial objects and mistakes I have sold them. Now I do not have expandable objects in game, the weapon type, earring and ring. how can I retrieve these objects to start the series of expansions?thank you.
  2. Good evening, whenever there is the maintenance period of I realize the fact that the server crashes game to login after you enter the PIN. you could not be sure of being notified of such work through the game? maybe it does not make you enter the PIN but you're receiving a notice of "work in progress." It dislikes each time arriving at login and see the game going DLL error. mine is an idea ...
  3. I too have the same problem, dll crashes after entering the pin at the start. no one has solved?
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