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  1. You obviously didnt or you just didnt understand it. I just want to pay the same price for my dyad square as people who only have non dyad trias right now thanks. Yes it was clear that its only salvagable for half but it was not clear that you NEED to salvage them in order to upgrade them. The only thing I want is a way of upgrading my tria dyads to square dyads without having to pay more than others who didnt have dyad trias. For example Its like having a Heptagonal gem and instead of being able to upgrade it directly to an octagonal one you first need to salvage your H
  2. Do you still not get it after all the explanation i have done? I dont complain about the cost reduction im just complaining about it getting MORE EXPENSIVE for me than others Looks like you didnt read through it as well lul
  3. Do you still not get it after all the explanation i have done? I dont complain about the cost reduction im just complaining about Square gems getting MORE EXPENSIVE for me than others
  4. the reason I want a refund is because there is no proper way to upgrade dyad trias if they implement it like this. If you have dyads you basically need to take the 25 Fragment loss in order to upgrade them to a higher Tier. The thing is as explained if you do not fuse a dyad right now then a square dyad will be less expensive in the next patch because you will have 2 trias and 70 Fragments instead of 2 trias and 44 Fragments. You basically get rekt by NCSoft for upgrading to the highest tier of gems because you need to pay more for the next tier than a player who didnt have dyads before.
  5. You see that "upgrading dyads" is completely broken this way right? You need 2 square guilded Gems ANYWAY which means that the one dyad Gem you use for upgrading those two squares counts the same as ~44 Gem Fragments you would need if you would normaly upgrade the square gem. What you get if you salvage the dyad Gem is 44 Gem Fragments + 2 Triagonal Gems The 44 Fragemnts you get from salvage that can be used to upgrade those 2 squares from before to a dyad square gem so basically the same as above. But what changed? You still have 2 Triagonal gems left!!! This
  6. @Baskerville Wann kann man endlich ein eigenes Profilbild im Forum hochladen? :I
  7. Ist zwar schon lange her aber ich meine das man für 10 600k punke braucht.
  8. I dont quite think that this is a "simple" question.
  9. Es hieß niemals das Juwelen Billiger werden. Es wurde lediglich gesagt das sie leichter zu bekommen werden und das wurden sie auch. Früher konnte man die Gems nur durch Events und Trove bekommen und sonst gar nicht und jetzt kann man sie einfach für Gold kaufen.
  10. Hier so mach ichs. Vielleicht hilft das ja bist ja auch summ.
  11. I have no clue what you are trying to ask, sorry.
  12. You should really not have a problem there....
  13. This is still only a tiny thing of the game, so therefore it doesnt make the whole game p2w.
  14. I dont think those items are enough to make the game p2w imo.
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