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  1. i already dropped this, even without lags this game has no endgame except of imbalanced arena. grinding same dungeons over and over its not for me.
  2. still same.. 40 ping outside arena 300+ inside to bad im playing assassin :< gonna play this till bdo comes, then bb..
  3. Carsten92 i guess thats your iq in your name, im correct?
  4. for behaving like retarded kid i would instantly ban you also... There is no difference if u were right or no, joking on those kind of subjects should be punished no matter what..
  5. this game is worth playing only for pvp, there is almost no pve endgame here.. (only few small dungeons which you repeat over and over to get better gear) basically every mmo's i played in the past [i played them a lot] were a LOT better in that aspect..
  6. this game is pure joke, 240+ ping and serwer downs each week.. anyway its dead game already without any endgame, only wating now for bdo
  7. you guys ncsoft gives a *cricket* about your lag problems? rofl get real..
  8. assassin owned by kung fu masters - what? for me its easiest mu
  9. ISP : Netia s.a Contry: Poland Open World: 50-60 ms Arena/Dungeon 240 +
  10. i paid around 80e total since beginning, 20e last week and im already at my limit. well if they dont wanna my money, im fine with that ;)
  11. ive got the same message after spending 20e, is that a limit?
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