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  1. Blade and Soul Linux

    It is here person who play BnS on linux or know it is possible ??
  2. It is Conspiracy the Welcome To N.H.K way
  3. New outfit releasing in KOR

    I know asia is other land and rule number one of internet is : never try understand japanes koreas are very simlar but lyn in this costume look litlle weird she look like 10 years girl Pedo bear gona be happy
  4. To The Attention of All Players

    I totaly agre, FOr me this its best MMo i ever played , soo many ways to build own skill tree , nice costumes and asian style architecture buildings wonderful music not all but some yes , free marketplace big invetory and enought werehouse i just dont get why ppl dont enjoy game. evry one rush and want evry think now , no drop now make it tomorow , spammers change you tab or make new own better make/join clan and talk with ppl on clan chat tab do with clan mates dunegons no problem with item loot system. This game is just wonderfull hope my english dont burn your eyes