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  1. April , 01 - All day with this error!

    "Run as admin" Done a few months ago after some bug who don´t aloud game to start and is checked today! Don´t use firewall all disable . Antivirus i add exception to all Ncsoft and NCwest . - Nothing same error., Error persist today !
  2. Well , all this day receiving the same error message . I already try : 1)Disable Antivirus : Kaspersky Free (g) 2)restart PC including Modem 3)TryFile check - Same error Someone has any suggestion to solve this ??? Image of error : I will appreciate any help TheHawk
  3. This revamp Dungeon ..... Is Hilarious ! The purpose of joining is to get the necessary pieces to create pentagonal gems - 80 of them - for a single Pentagonal gem! PENTAGONAL isn't the Hexa, Hepta or Octagonal gem. End Game Jewell's kkkkkkk It simply is not worth the stress of trying 5/6 times and closing one - to get 1 piece ( randon ) - either because someone misses the time of the lever or someone does not carry animals out, has no stone to resurrect or is missing some buff in the group. So IMHO - FAILURE ! HawkWarrior P.S> Wait any time soon the Transcendence Engine for sale in HM Store ! :) Just keep saving HM Coins : Much Better Option .
  4. Well I don´t try craft this a LONG Longgg time ago . Sucess rate in 20% 30% ....50% Where??? All BIG LUCK! The success rate for this is approx. 7 - 8% . Tops . That is why always exists this stones in HM Store . With big sales and of course you can found then in Marketplace around 350 G . All ( 90% ) came from the Store . No secret in this . Personally i saw dozens of players just gave up from the game because of this stones man . And never NCSOFT did anything ! [ ]´s HawkWarrior
  5. Someone has any information about wardrobe in next BIG update ? My question is : We will be able to store ours weapons skins in wardrobe ? This has been announced but ..... HawkWarrior
  6. Locked Mechanizer Weapon Chest

    Well i still am looking for the Mechanizer Box .,... But this information is critical !!!! this box can´t be open by crafted hongmoon Keys ??? WHYYYY?? All others can, and this one we MUST buy( pay for ? More Money ??) a key in HM Store ? Really ???? TRUE??? HawkWarrior
  7. Is 6V6 Pay 2 Win ?

    Kanojo ...;Believe me . Just change the ? for a ! in your title ! Lets see : Gems only cash item . Boxes triangular or retangular are useless -can´t be combined. Legendary accessory : upgrade only buying stones for 20G each ( dont drop) and u need a loot of then to each accessory . Weapon : Well if u are in a strong guild there is a chance to u upgrade . If not > Cash itens ! Soul : Complete Joke . U need 80 pieces at 240G each! A lot of cash Pet : Players already grind 2 times to max and they change again and now a Lot of Stones at 90each . Cash too . Hongmoon Skill´s - Cash . in PvP you will take almost one years to grind all materials ( trade points ), that is the reason to pack in HM Store . Legendary badge - time to collect itens and strong guild too . Now, one ppl with this itens , and Beluga Set ( Shield ) . Will Smash ( obliterate ) any opponent in seconds , Not only 6x6 in all PvP areas . They are called "Whale" ingame . Good Luck HawkWarrior
  8. Dungeon combat bug

    Oh boy.... Thais bug exist since Begin. I doubt who any solution came. Well , maybe some Magic Stone sold in HM Store who force end of combate position . : )
  9. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Oh BOY .... Another Big MASS and Another BIG LIE !!!! That is the reason from so much ppl gone . Really trade 1 Energy for 1 Hong Gem Powder will Unbalance and desgrace all economy :?:?? REALLYYYY ????? Better is sell a new Bundle package with 9 Gem Powder ( 5 + 4-Gem) at the price of 2k Isn´t ??? This is oK ????? So The real IS : "Blade Soul Team will not offer free what they can sell in package ! " - A Real and big Shame ! And this new System ?? What is new ? The only way to create powerfull gems is : Buy The Gems in hongmoon Store and do it ! LOL - NOTHING CHANGE !!!!! IN REAL SOMETHING CHANGE : In old system ppl nedd to play to obtain Stone ( untradable ) Now it´s all itens for sale by NCoin in CASH ! HawkWarrior P.S. Time to start to look for options !
  10. Please bring back HM Diamonds on f10 specials

    Last time i lost too . I wait aprox. 40 days to Diamonds return to Shop . Good Luck HawkWarrior
  11. Help to identify Skin

    Really : Man i need run few dg´s with full graphics ....kkkkkkk i always let in PvP mode :((( a Shame ! Tks LunaticAzure HawkWarrior
  12. Can someone identify this skin , pls ???? Weapon , costume ,. hat , etc ...all . tks HawkWarrior
  13. Wardrobe : Some players like me prefer to collect Weapons instead Outfits . So my Suggestion is : Why We can´t store then in wardrobe ? The outfit store could be used to this just turn on an option weapon or outfit :() [ ]´s HawkWarrior
  14. Massive server lag

    Well, since a week ago my ping was from 360 - 750 ( of course impossible to play). I run few tests: A lot of lost packages. I try Change the MTU from 1500 to 1452 . DONE. ( I test one by one in range by 4 for 12hs ) . 1500.1496.1492.etc... Now cool ping even in MSP . I hope this can help someone too . HawkWarrior