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  1. WTFast

    I've read a post on this forum by an admin stating they do not ban for using WTFast; but I can't get it to launch the game for myself, I just want to know what kind of ping I'm getting <.<
  2. Is there any fix for this? Like seriously people abuse the hell out of it in arena you get frozen and they just jump around your in circles and you just have to take it for like 5 seconds while you wait for the game to be like OH HERP YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO RUN IN THE DIRECTION THE CAMERA IS FACING NOT THE WAY WE STUCK YOUR CHARACTER OUR BAD SORRY ABOUT LOSING 20% OF YOUR HP AND NOT BEING ABLE TO USE YOUR SKILLS!!
  3. you need to stagger your grapple attacks then, the grapple break (At least for me) is the hardest thing in the game to get because if you mess it up its a 9 second cooldown and does nothing.
  4. I mean, thats if we resist the attacks, also while you're spinning all we can do is run away cuz If I block then you grab me regen health launch me in the air do 15% of my life and then continue spinning
  5. Blade dancers also have a spinning blade that goes around them that resists attacks, the destroyer has spin2win which resists stuns, roots, and knockbacks but not knockdowns but does deflect attacks for the first .5 seconds. The assassins invisibility is weird, some attacks hit but most don't.. I know my lightning elements hit them.
  6. Tips against BM

    So the only advice I Can give you is your spin deflects for the first .5 seconds, so dont just hold the button down, refresh it every second or so
  7. Tips against BM

    Blade call is the blue AOE on the ground, that being said im a BM and I have never once beaten a destroyer because your spin deflects and resists all of our stuns, I have no idea how you're losing tbh, not trying to be mean justsayin
  8. Summoner: The Truth

    Hi, I'm a blade master. During PVP I use *16* Different skills in PVP. How many do you use with your cat combined?
  9. Have any other BMs run into this?

    The right click skill does have a 45 second cooldown, didn't know that, but the left click has no cooldown.. but that could be it, never noticed it had a cooldown because it has no icon :/
  10. Well my problem is I HAVE read other forums and most of the time they say "kill the cat then the summoner" problem is either my damage is low or their damage is too high, I have the moonwater PVP shield so I have good health and defense, but by the time I kill the cat I'm practically dead. I've also checked youtube videos, and I don't know if the korean summoners are just bad but all the youtube videos I've seen of JBMs vs Summoners, the summoner was absolutely horrible, never used invis, never ran from the BM, pretty much just stayed in range of them the whole time.. so not much to learn from that lol
  11. Here is a helpful piece of advice for you for the destroyer, I can't help you with sins but I know there are some abilities that do take them out of stealth you just have to figure out which ones. But for destroyers when they are lawlspinning wait a full seconds before you try to root or stun them, their deflect only lasts .5 seconds.. if you have a knock down that is what you should use because for some reason the spin gives them resistance to stun, root, and knockback. YW
  12. For me being knocked down, counters are easy, but when grappled (whether on ground or air) for whatever reason about 75% of the time, the counters don't do anything at all... I'm thinking its a timing issues but there's no indicator anywhere.. Some fights I'm able to get out nearly every time other fights it just goes on cooldown and does nothing..
  13. So as a BM one of our main damage sources is from our knock up, you stun knock up with F and then IDEALLY hit them with right click + left click after that, which takes a total of 5 energy.. but SOMETIMES I run into an issue where my guy just wont go up.. sometimes I'll spam my right click a bunch of times and he never jumps up after them or I'll try right click that doesnt work but I left click and it does, which is much less efficient.... Anyone else run into this?
  14. I dont disagree with you, I literally use 16 different skills in arena; every single one has a purpose and a timing..
  15. This is a thread from a summoner about other classes being OP?