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  1. Everything seems fine, I don't understand what cause this issue. You might want to send a ticket to support team and see if you can solve the problem with them and please share with us if you can find out what is troubling actually. NA : Texas EU : Frankfurt He is playing at EU server probably (If there is no "Skyborn" clan at NA), I play at EU server too but never had this problem for too long as he has. I mean of course sometimes there are lag spikes and delay but not quite often as he complain and I have more ping than he has.
  2. Summoner hacker situation in arena?

    Hacker Scummoners ? I'm sure they are just some talented fellas who already achieved everything about Martial Arts since they can resist and be invisible every second ! Kappa
  3. In game FPS issues need help please

    I've heard some rumors that W7 goes better with Blade & Soul, so I think it's fine. You can just download DDU and run, there must be an option for "Reboot in Safe Mode" that makes your computer restart and start in "Safe Mode". Make sure you do it in "Safe Mode" to avoid any other problem.
  4. In game FPS issues need help please

    It is quite common problem, especially for the notebook users.I contact with so many support team just to solve this problem but couldn't find anything that gives me what exactly I want. You can try this ; Please, reboot the computer to safe mode with networking and download NVIDIA Display Driver Uninstaller from the below link. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html How to go in safe mode with networking in windows 10: How to perform DDU: After the download, install it and follow the below steps. -> Select the Graphics Driver as NVIDIA on top -> Click on Clean and Restart Once you download it. Run the tool and remove all the NVIDIA Files with the above steps and the computer will restart automatically. Now download the driver from the below link with the same instructions and see if that works. http://www.geforce.com/drivers a) Click on the link provided above. b) Click on "Download". On the next page click "Agree and Download". c) After the download has finished, install the file using custom installation. d) Tick mark "Perform Clean Install" and go ahead with the installation process. e) Restart the computer after finishing the installation. After you done above do not change your Nvidia settings or anything, just leave everything as it is and run BnS. Chose your graphic settings as "Optimized for Combat" and see if it helps. "OFF" V-Sync in game settings also and set your frame limit to "120".
  5. People say that but I think there is something else also about "Screen Freeze" and "Fps" problems. I know some people who has lower, same or close PC Configuration to mine but have no problems that I have.
  6. If the same thing happening to your friend you might want to call your ISP and ask about the current issue you have. (Suspicious) I don't think your hardware or heating problem (If you have) cause this problem. If you are playing at EU server you need to test your ping with "Frankfurt" servers, find the Frankfurt on map at Speedtest and click. Are there applications doing download at background when you playing the game or any software update maybe ? I just look at the topic again and you say that having screen freeze as well. Skill delay (Which is about connection mostly) and screen freezing (Could be Hardware or Software problem) quite different things from each other. I think you should try to call your ISP first and check if there is anything wrong because of your friend's situation which is same with yours.
  7. Spring Trove Event - P2W? Worth it? Concerns?

    Worth it ? -It depends on you actually, if your time more important than money you are about to waste of course worth it. -If your money more important than your time, it's not worth. -For the people who can't pay to participate this event, it's something troubling just as life. (Unfortunately, but the facts are simple and must be concede if you wanna keep moving) P2W ? -We can not say people who spent money on this event won something, because it's just a game. -Still this might cause while some players are satisfied, some others will lose their motive. Concerns ? -My only concern is that if I will be able to reach those who spent money on this event and get their characters maximized. (It depends on how efficient my farming is during that time, might take weeks or months.) -How much time do I need to get those gems, weapons, etc. ? (There will be another event like this probably, I might try to prepare for the future.) Note : This kind of events mostly cause some people get mad which is big problem for a human, they should be reminded that we are playing a game and have fun instead of salty and troubling thoughts.Otherwise better do not play games like this because you will be stressful for something supposed to be funny.
  8. Suggestion: Personal Outfit crafting

    No one would buy outfits from Hongmoon Store or use "Currency Exchange" beside events like "Treasure Trove" , so it's pretty unlikely I think cricket. It's just a good dream for an mmo player to think of it for this game with this company. Guild Wars 2 was the best game I've ever played about these kind of stuff.
  9. Because of current "Treasure Trove Event" unfortunately we are unable to use "Currency Exchange" system efficiently, people are just spamming 1:21 ratios to get buy some keys.So it's not happening at the moment...Maybe after event is done you will be able to get something from "Currency Exchange" again. I suggest that you better find a "Friend" who someone can "Gift" you that outfit for now.
  10. I think it's about your connection since you get delayed when you use your skills. (We could have an idea about the problem if you can do a speedtest and share the results here) If the problem was about your pc configurations or something like that you would be getting low fps, stuttering and screen freezes. You need to check your ping in game when you doing those contents you having problem. Open cmd as Adminstrator and type these in order ; ipconfig/release ipconfig/renew ipconfig/flushdns netsh winsock reset Restart your computer and check again, those might help in some cases. Note : It could be temporarily lag spikes as well recently you having, it is something about your connection once again. (Any background apps, torrent, other users who use your connection might cause this.)

    I don't even go SSP that much anymore, ranged class based and poorly designed for melee characters, getting raped by people who use guns while trying to get my dailies done beside silly Boss'. I literally had to protect whole *cricket*ing zerg once just because of those gunners by giving up doing my dailies.Since then I'm not doing much SSP, sometimes maybe if I got nothing else to do and got bored. New meta, cannon class and balanced game between ranged and melee characters. Kappa I'm not even talking about *cricket*ing fps problem for melee characters, makes me insane. (NCSoft, Nvidia, Microsoft Community, My PC's company...No one can fix it.)
  12. Check this out if you have fps problem, could fix some people's problems.It solved mine...

    Well, as I said before my problem was the drops and stuttering but I've just realised that after the last patch my fps was lower than ever before.I was changed so many things about settings and inspector, etc. After that I've just DDU and then clean install my driver but this time didn't change any settings.Not even Nvidia Desktop ones, I just made sure everything is default and guess what, my fps was more than ever be. Also you can uncheck V-sync for more number but for me I just use v-sync because I don't like the screen tearing.

    Hmm...I can not say that can give you more fps since my problem was about Fps Drops and Stuttering, so I couldn't compare the fps improvement except the stability part.

    Check this topic guys, I don't have FPS stuttering or drops anymore like used to be and I can participate crowded area contents without problem.Maybe could be helpfull for you too...It's something quite different from the other solutions.